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Frugal and Proud!

Happy Earth Day ALL

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Today, as my eco minded dd reminded me is Earth Day. I think she is expecting it to turn into a gift giving holiday, so I plan to surprise her when she comes home. Not with gifts mind you...but with something to do with bettering our planet.

I would have her outside in the garden preparing the soil, but it is suppose to s**w today (I don't want to say it), so outdoors is out. I think that instead I will have her help me sort through our plastic bag collection that need cutting up to use as "plarn" for a few crochet bags. What better way to enjoy the holiday then our own recycling project LOL She's 13 and I bet it lasts all of 20 minutes

How are you spending your Earth Day?

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Happy Earth Day Jaime!
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    How are you spending your Earth Day?
    Ordering (freebies hopefully) a few more shopping friendly bags Lollll
  3. jaime's Avatar

    Good idea JoAnn. I think I will jump on those freebies too
  4. wilbe95's Avatar
    My boys and I spent yesterday late afternoon out picking up trash. For some reason all the trash ends up in our yard-lovely wind. It was fun and looks so much better outside, really amazes me how many people will not pick up after themselves.
  5. jaime's Avatar
    Hey Kim I get ya...nice to clean up the yard, bad to clean up after other people. I can never understand why people do that. Koodos to the boys for helping out. My daughter lasted about 10 mins. LOL
  6. Tarrien's Avatar
    I ended up watching the National Geographic Music event then sleeping most of the day so I wouldn't use electrical resources ;p
  7. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    We had a planting day at the kids elementary school. They have a large garden outside the library. Everyone brought plants and seeds and pitched in. we had so many flowers we went through the school sprucing the place up. It was alot of fun. One of the parents is donating their time every thursday after school for a garden club to help keep it up. We planted lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, carrots, and radishes. It should be a great project for all of the kids.