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Rubber Chicken, My Way

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Are you familiar with Rubber Chicken? It's the meal that stretches into three or more. Here is my experience with it so far...

Yesterday, I roasted a chicken (and didn't baste it! Amazing! Juicy! Saved time by not basting!) with veggies inside it (celery and carrot). We had roast chicken with brown rice and peas.

Today, for lunch, I took the remaining meat (90% of it) and tossed it in the saute pan with two cans of Ranch Style Beans and a sprinkling of garlic powder, heated it up, and served it in tortillas with cheese (cheese was block of cheese which I shredded myself, saving money)

Tomorrow I will make broth from the bones (with meat still on them) and make chicken and rice soup - enough for two meals for four people.

I still have burrito filling, which I'll freeze for use in May.

Cost for 5 meals for my family of four:

chicken $4
Ranch Style Beans $2
3 carrots (1/2 a bag) $.33
1/2 a bunch of celery $.50
cheese (1 cup) $.66
tortillas $1.00
rice (estimate) $.25
peas $.50
garlic powder nominal

total for 5 meals = $9.24
average per meal = $1.85 for family of four
average per serving = $.46

This is HANDS DOWN the cheapest I've ever been able to cook.


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  1. tsgal's Avatar
    Doesn't it make your heart sing to know that you have saved so much? I know it does mine. What an awesome job you did to stretch out the meals. And the were home cooked and wholesome. Way to go.
  2. DohDohBird's Avatar
    Oh, definitely! And today we had pancakes for dinner, which is very inexpensive, and the recipe made extras (love that!) for another meal.