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Last full dayin Florida

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It's been great to get away and have free time. Rest and read or do what ever we want in the mornings and then head out in the afternoons. We've had a lot of time on those fine white sandy beaches and beautiful blue green water. Yesterday we took a 2 hour cruise and saw lots of dolphin's. We've eaten in a lot of wonderful restaurants to have fresh fish, ect.
Today we are headed a little further down the coast to the Panama City area. We'll head toward home tomorrow morning. We'll spend Sunday night in Pine Bluff Arkansas and Monday morning go pick up up our load of rice hulls to finish up our garden project. We'll get back home to NW Missouri Monday night and get back into our regular routine except this time dear old Dad will be home much more often unless he gets new orders come in.
I have no clue what the weather is like at home and while I'm down here enjoying the beach I don't know that I want to know! At least this late in the season there shouldn't be any more snow---I hope!

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