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Tuesday in Florida

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My DD and i took off on foot to walk the 3 miles to the BX to get haircuts and have lunch. I got lost and we ended up walking about 7 miles before we got there! 2 hours to get there and 40 minutes to walk back to our room. Got lovely haircuts that can handle the wind. Had lunch and just barely got back when DH showed up and said lets go to the beach! His instructor this morning started by pulling up a huge map of the area and pointed out that this is where you are and then pointed to the beach area and said this is where you want to be. No breaks and we'll be out of here by 1PM at the latest. By 1PM he was at the room and we hit the road. Double red flag day so couldn't go in the water but spent 4 hours walking those wonderful white sandy beaches and getting wet with the waves that came in over our feet. We left after about 45 minutes and went and got sunglasses and big floppy hats, ect and went out to eat then went back until it got dark. Between the walk this morning and the beach I may not be able to move tomorrow but we had a lot of fun!

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Sounds like a lot of fun! Were the red flags due to jellyfish or waves? The last time we went to the beach, the Jellies were all over the place. Cant wait to see the pics!
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    Nothing better than being at the ocean and no plan but to just enjoy the view. Sounds like you are having a very healthy vacation, LOL. Wish I was there with you.
  3. tsgal's Avatar
    I lived on Coco Beach a few years back, for about a year. It was beautiful, didn't like the jellyfish to much. But the walks on the beach were great. I can on imagine the wonderful time you must be having right now.
  4. brchbell's Avatar
    The double red flags were because of lots of rip tides. They use a purple flag when there is dangerous critters. The last beach trip we had was in Texas and the beaches were awful! Trash and dead fish and animals covered the whole beach. Trucks raced up and down it also. We were there 1 month and it was the same the whole time. The water burned our skin so we stayed away mostly. The beaches here are wonderful! the water is clear greens and blues and no trash is ever found. No traffic on the beaches except a golf cart once a day to collect trash from the cans. It's paradise here in the Florida panhandle!