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on the Road

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We left home around 5am this morning for a 1100 mile trip to Florida. We are spending tonight in Tupelo, MS and have 380 miles left to go tomorrow. We're planning on stopping in Mobile Alabama for Easter dinner and then head on over to Eglin AFB, FL to check into our guest housing. We'll track down where my husbands classes will be this coming week and then head down to those lovely white sandy beaches for a walk. It was so wonderful driving today and watching everything get greener and greener. What a delight to see actual leaves on the trees again! Hopefully we'll see green leaves appearing by the time we get back home on the 21st! Hope you all have a lovely Easter! Not exactly what we had planned for Easter but having a good time. We'll have our family Easter dinner on the 26th. We're going to read some special Easter stories and scriptures on the road tomorrow morning.

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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Have a safe trip and a happy Easter.