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Service Sucks.

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Whatever happened to the days of Customer Service?

Although I pay a pretty penny for internet service through a Satellite company (Over $110.a month), I am also forced to have a second phone line and dial up service (an additional $60 a month for both) for a grand total of $170 a month for internet access so that I can maintain this site.

Why? Well, for starters, we are 5 miles outside of town, which means that there are NO cablecompanies, no high speed access, just Satellite, and only 2 companies at that, both with horrendous BBB rankings.

I got up this morning at 5 to add new freebies to the site only to find I had gone over my"Fair Access Policy" which is the company's term for, "We can't handle our customer load, so we're going to randomly disconnect various customers and accuse them of using too much bandwidth."

Now I found this rather ironic considering I hadn't been online at all since yesterday afternoon, which means that I didn't Use ANY of my "alloted" access.

Calling the company is useless as their "customer service" reps do not speak english, although they try, bless their hearts.

So I am on dial-up (connected at 33kbs, the fastest I've ever been able to connect here) for the next 24 hours, unless I drive into town to access free wireless from the city. (Yes, the entire city has free wireless access just 5 miles down the road, but I can't even get cable, )

So, for those of you waiting on moderation, or for new freebies, or articles, Sorry.

It took me 17 minutes to get this far.

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Random Thoughts


  1. MF_Princess's Avatar
    Oh wow, that sux. I am SO sorry.
  2. blndemom23's Avatar
    totally stinks! But from my calculations the 24 hrs are almost up!!! YAY for you!!!!
  3. brchbell's Avatar
    My husband insisted on using satellite internet a few years ago and it totally sucked. Within 2 days they said we were over our limit and it left us without internet for the rest of the month. I won the battle and we had to pay $255 to disconnect and go back with our coop telephone company. We are so far out in the boondocks so the only phone company is a coop one like the coop electric companies. It took them 8 months to run new lines out to us initially but they have been great to work with. It goes out every time we have rain storms which has been a lot this year. But its much cheaper than the satellite internet we had and works much better. Phone service plus DSL internet is $74 a month.