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Have to make the food stretch...

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We are in a tough time this month and I find myself needing to dig deep in my treasure chest of food dollar stretching knowledge.

Here's what I have for the rest of April:

pork shoulder roast (cooking tomorrow, good for 2+ meals, 3 if I'm careful)
pork chops (enough for two meals)
a whole chicken (rubber chicken, 3 meals)
a skirt steak
2 pounds of ground beef
1 pound of ground turkey
Easter ham (good for 3 meals, at least)
2 cans of tuna

a gallon of fresh milk
a box of powdered non-fat milk
a canister of powdered whole milk
several cups of cheddar cheese
5 dozen eggs, minus 4
4 pounds of margarine
a large carton of plain yogurt (plus a yogurt maker)
a box of velveeta

25 pounds of white flour, plus at least 15 pounds of various other flours
yeast, baking powder, baking soda, salt, etc
all the basic spices

brown and white rice
hamburger helper
tuna helper
mac & cheese
spaghetti sauce
lasagna noodles
1/2 pound of penne
corn muffin mixes

pinto beans
black beans
peanut butter

frozen fruit
a mango
a couple bananas
frozen veggies
canned veggies
canned fruit

corn tortillas
baking mix

drink mixes
baking cocoa
drinking cocoa it's plenty, really. Just requires planning and good stewardship. I need to bake bread, make breakfast (oh, yeah, we have dry ceral and oatmeal, too), and have snacks ready to eat.

In May, we really need to not buy much food, either, because we're moving in June and don't want to have waste (move is x-country, so can't take perishables). Running to the store for things is out of the picture. I need to make do with what you see here.

Anyone have any ideas for that skirt steak? I can only think of shredded beef and bean burritos. Any meal ideas stand out using what I have?

(Hi, everyone. Other than tight money, things are going well around here.)

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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    I'm not even sure what a skirt steak is now days!!! Is it like a flank steak? What did they used to call it? As I only have me to worry about I don't buy chunks of meat much anymore. It is so much easier to have a bowl of cereal or make a sandwich.
    Updated 04-10-2009 at 06:23 PM by Janice Terrell
  2. beansthemama's Avatar
    Good Job! Way to really plan! We all do it!
  3. brchbell's Avatar
    Oh my! At least you are starting out in good shape! If you are milk drinkers, you should divide your fresh milk up into 4 parts and freeze 3 of them. Mix up powdered milk and add the fresh milk to it and it greatly improves the taste! Make sure you save enough of the yogurt to make another batch. I use a cheap Styrofoam cooler with a fleece blanket inside as my yogurt maker. I can put 4 quart jars of yogurt into it and warp it up and have 4 quarts of yogurt after 9 hours. We go through lots of plain yogurt! We also make up ice cream using 2/3 cup milk (or powdered milk) frozen fruit, 1/4 cup sugar or sweetener and 1teaspoon of vanilla whipped up a blender. If it's not thick enough add more frozen fruit. You can also make vanilla or chocolate in the blender using the same recipe but use 1/4 cup cocoa or chocolate drink mix for chocolate and for vanilla nothing extra but for both add 1/2 cup of extra powdered milk and use ice cubes as the frozen thickener. Keep adding ice until its thick. Really need a good blender or stop and stir very often to do this. It makes a nice treat when your going through a rough time and need a pick me up!

    If you use the helper meals just use 1/2 to 3/4 pound of meat to stretch your hamburger. You can make a big pot of vegetable soup using just a handful of hamburger and whatever canned,frozen vegetables you want to add and tomato juice, sauce and tomatoes for the base along with water, seasonings. You also have the makings of a good bean soup from the list you have especially nice if you have a ham bone to toss in or just the end of the ham. You can make up the big pots of soup and then freeze them in smaller containers and have it throughout the month. Serve with fresh bread (muffins, rolls, cornbread, biscuits) Cheap easy meal.

    You'll do fine! I always found when we were down on our luck and had to really make do for a time, that the food just seemed to grow and stretch during the time we needed it to! I know it was the Lord's way of helping those who were trying hard to get by.
    Good luck and I know you'll do fine!