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Getting ready to hit the road.

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DH has to be in Florida and we're going along for the ride. We thought it was going to be April 20th but he found out yesterday that he has to be there early April 13th so we'll be on the road Easter weekend. We had to make a trip to Arkansas and it was over half the distance to Florida so DH said lets all go and hit the Arkansas thing on the way back. Of course this plan means we have to take the truck instead of flying or taking the car. One part of me wants to stay home and not go and another says go anyway and live it up. We pick up Rice Hulls in Stuttgart Arkansas for our garden beds. If they ship them it's $56 a bag plus what ever the shipping company charges. If we go down and pick them up it's $4 a bag so it's worth the trip to go down. His company pays for all his gas and hotel rooms for this trip so it's like a free vacation for us. He even gets $60 a day for food so it really is almost a free vacation. We'll stay an extra day and then meander on toward home so we can pick up the rice hulls April 20th early morning and then head on home 10 hours up the road. And of Course our business trip to Arkansas gets paid for by his company too!

I'm looking forward to those white sandy beaches in Ft Walton Beach where his classes are scheduled to be. Don't know what all there is to do there but knowing my luck it will be cold and rainy the whole time we are there! Oh well, either way it will be a change of scenery and the 3 of us going will have fun!

Anyway, we'll have 3 at home to take care of chores and 3 of us going so we can enjoy ourselves. change of environment is always nice as long as it's not to long away from home!

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  1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Have fun & have a very safe trip! I love expensed trips
  2. tsgal's Avatar
    Sounds like a fun time away from home. Enjoy yourself and be safe.
  3. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    enjoy the warm sun and stay safe -Bobbi -ne