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Shopping Bonanza & Walmart Gripe

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Following several months of extremely hectic schedules, We were in need of some major stockpiling. While dh sorted our latest bounty of coupons this morning, I browsed the fliers, searching for whatever bargains and deals I could find.

We shopped and waited patiently in line (for nearly 40 minutes), the poor lady in front of me was no slouch at Price-Matching, nearly every item in her cart was matched. Bi-lo had little debbie snacks for .98 each, she had managed to find packages of muffins (oh yes, she did an EXCELLENT job!) and the cashier was determined not to let her take advantage of her hard work. I marveled at her level of calmness as she explained (& re-explained!) walmart's coupon policy to the uninformed cashier. They wanted to make her purchase only 4 items, then get back in line to purchase 4 more, and so on. I was fuming, I told them, no problem, she can cut in front of me, her son can purchase items, etc. She was not shaken by their crap at all, she simply said, "that's okay, I don't mind, I have all night".
After she battled with the cashier (who sadly was also a CSM), multiple calls to Management, she was pushed over to Customer Service to finish her transactions.
Then it was My Turn to argue with the poor attitude of the cashier. I only had 7 IP's, the rest were from inserts.

I bought 45 boxes of Cereal, which were specially marked for a sale and used the General mills $1/ 3boxes, I used 10 of them. Mind you, I had 45 boxes of cereal. She was NOT happy with this, told me that I already got the cereal for $1. I couldn't use coupons as well. I said, "Oh No Ma'am, that's not correct, call the Manager". (Remember, this woman was a CSM!), 10 Minutes later the Manager arrives, sets her straight and then leaves.
She proceeds to process coupons, scrutinizing the print on each and every one. I used .75 off IP's off Cocoa Puffs, which were already marked down to $1, making them .25 a box. She was quite agitated with this deal, rolling her eyes, and glaring at me with disdain. (Which incidentally, made me smile more).

I purchased 8 of the vitamin Waters using q's from this weeks paper of $1 off, which made them free. She balked at this, told me I could only use 1 coupon because it states 1 per purchase. I took the time to explain a bit of coupon lingo to her, the difference between a purchase and an order, transaction, etc. She, despite being a CSM, had to once again call the Manager, who took more than 15 minutes to respond. Initially he said, yes, the customer is correct, then stepped back and said no, she can only use 1 coupon. I said wait a minute, I purchased 8 separate bottles." To which the cashier added her half cent in, "only 1 coupon per purchase". I said almost every coupon states 1 coupon per purchase, it means 1 coupon Per Item (which is a purchase), are you telling me that Walmart will only allow a customer to use a single coupon per visit?"

The manager said, "well, no". So I started pulling dozens of coupons out of My coupon book and showing the manager the print on each 1, "1 coupon per purchase". So he told her to ring them through and he walked away without another word.

Fine, halfway done, only 1 1/2 hours into it! *Whew*. We get to the free product q's, I have several from various manufacturers, Dole, Kashi, etc. These seem to ring through fine. I use the free gum q' from newspaper insert. She has another bad one, another call to the manager. She stands there, rolling her eyes. I said "Look, while we're waiting for Bill to come back, how about we work on the rest of the coupons, that way if you have issues with them, you can ask him all about it when he actually gets here." Apparently my solution only ticked her off further as she snatched the remaining coupons from my hands, gouging my hand with her ridiculously long fake fingernails.

Finally, 2 hours after my shopping checkout ordeal had begun, I was done... well, this trip. We decided that rather than leaving the cheese & milk in the car while we tried for round 2, we'd go home and take care of the groceries from round 1 first. So far, we had over $250 worth of groceries for $66.

Round 2- I bought the following:

  • 4- 12 pks of Mtn Dew Price matched to drop them to $2.47 each
  • 21 Boxes of General Mills cereals (various flavors- Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams, Lucky Charms, etc), used various q's
  • 6 pks Kotex Pads - $1 each, used $1/1 q- Free
  • 4 boxes various flavor Artisan Wheat Thins- on sale for $2, had BOGO Q's- made them $1 each
  • 2 pks Finish Electrasol Tabs (20 pack) regular $6.87- marked down to $2.50, used $1/1 q, made them $1.50 per pack
  • 8 Airwick Imotion Air Freshener Starter pks, regularly $6.86, marked down to $5 each, used 8- $4/1 q's making them $1 each.

I chose the line carefully, checking for a cashier who didn't look like a pain in the rear, avoiding the girl I had the previous trip. She scrutinized each and every single coupon, checking the print, printing the receipt out several times to count the items to make sure I used the correct number of coupons (I did).
All of my coupons scan flawlessly, I run my debit card through the slot, ask her to hit debit, and wouldn't you know, she tells me she can't, she needs a CSM approval. Who do you think comes over with her piss poor attitude again, you got it, Miss Fingernails. She proceeds to reprint the receipt (now the 5th time) count each and every item on it, and went through each and every coupon. "Well, we're going to have to investigate these coupons."

I said,"I'm sorry, what's to investigate, they're cut out of the Newspaper you sell right over there."

"Well", she says, "You got all of these air fresheners for only $1 each, thats why the machine required a CSM, and I'm not signing off on it, because I don't want to get into trouble."

I said, "No Problem, why don't you call Bill (the Manager) and I'll Discuss with him. Well, she didn't want to call the Manager either. Seems the 11 times she called him during our last transaction left a bad taste in his mouth and he didn't want to be bothered anymore.

The cashier reached over,hit the debit key, my receipt printed (my card was charged), and she handed me the copy, telling me that they suspended my transaction and I would need to go to customer service. I looked down at my receipt, saw that the bill was paid in full, and told her so. She wouldn't answer me, still counting coupons and checking each one off on her copy of the receipt. I looked at my husband and he said, "Is it paid for?" I said, "Yes", and we both said to hell with it and left.

Amount of time to find the groceries, 12 minutes, amount of time to get through the cashier line 1 hour 43 minutes.

Amount of patience left: ZERO.

Haha, but I had the last laugh.

For less than $100 I now have:

  • 66 Boxes of Cereal
  • 8 Vitamin Waters, Various Flavors
  • 6 packs Kotex Feminine Pads
  • 8 Airwick Imotion Air Fresheners
  • 2 Qts Strawberries
  • 2 Gallons Milk
  • 1 Lg Container Yogurt
  • 1 can Whip Cream
  • 8 Boxes Wheat Thins Artisan Crackers-various flavors
  • 4 Slim packs Wrigleys Gums
  • 2 pks Finish Electrasol Tabs
  • 4 -12 pks Mountain Dew
  • 2 Lg Folgers Coffee
  • 4 -Starkist Tuna Pouches
  • 1 Kashi Frozen Dinner
  • 5 packages Marshmallows
  • 13 Pkgs Kraft Cheese, various kinds

Happy Shopping!

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  1. incheck4real's Avatar
    It's really pathetic that she is getting PAID TO DO HER JOB and she acts like you owe her something !!!! ERrrr it makes me sooo mad I can't see straight !!!!

    (Liss Note: I am sorry, I did it again, I hit the pencil edit instead of the quill, I know you guys don't see the same edit buttons I do but it's there. I accidentally erased part of this comment when I responded with a quote. )
  2. Liss's Avatar
    It's really pathetic that she is getting PAID TO DO HER JOB and she acts like you owe her something !!!! ERrrr it makes me sooo mad I can't see straight !!!!
    Not only that, but she has her little "Title" on her tag calling her a Customer Service Manager and she doesn't know the first thing about customer service. She didn't Greet us when we started, didn't once apologize for her rudeness, and I swear if she rolled her eyes one more time I was going to dot them for her.

    She wasn't qualified to run a cash register, let alone be a CSM- and she refused more than 3 times to enter her code to approve a coupon transaction, saying that she didn't want it on her that she accepted coupons.
  3. tsgal's Avatar
    Wow, now that's some shopping you did. I don't see what the problem was with the coupons. They should except them no matter what. They get their money back for it, so what's the big deal. Guess she couldn't handle the customer being right and she wasn't. She should learn her job better, and lose the attitude.
  4. JoAnn's Avatar
    Talk about being rude, I think I'd have to take the time and call the corp. office on this experience. And now we know where the word ugly comes from.. I can say from experience and have walked in the CSM shoes this job is only as hard as you make it...Someone (CSM) didn't pay attention in the 101 coupon class and customer care class.

    You really did a wonderful job shopping !!!
  5. mdowdy's Avatar
    I am rolling in the floor laughing. Not because of the rudeness but because I can see this in my head. They are just jealous because they can't figure out how to do the same things you are doing.
  6. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    I am rolling in the floor laughing. Not because of the rudeness but because I can see this in my head. They are just jealous because they can't figure out how to do the same things you are doing.
    LOL.. I don't think that girl would tuse a coupon if she had to. On another note, they had stacks of cereal on sale (obviously) and I had a coupon for $1 off/3 boxes, which would've made the boxes .70 each, a guy had 3 boxes in his arms so I asked him if he'd like a coupon, and you'd of thought I tried to hand him a steaming Dog Turd! I felt like saying, screw ya then, pay full price. But I didn't, I just walked away. WTH is wrong with people these days??
  7. crystal56's Avatar
    Sounds like my trip to walmart's of late.I am treated like a theif because I use coupons, they will not take internet coupons. Have been told by CSM and cashiers that they don't have time for this, no other coutomer was in line. The latest was when they refused a Great Value coupon mailed to me from Walmart HQ because of a problem with a product. Was told by a Manager that it was a internet coupon, and they don't accept them, he said,Thank-you goodbye, Have a nice day and walked off. Have called Corp 3 times, I am told someone from the store will call have been waiting 2 weeks. Think I will have to go 35 miles to next town where Walmart's treats you better
  8. Christi Grace's Avatar
    Wow- you really had a time of it. Good for you and the lady before for sticking to your guns, it paves the way for those less equipped to deal with q tyrants!

    I have friend who recently went through a similar situation w/ a 50% q at ACMoore. They gave her a terrible time! She was trying to buy a Cuttlebug Die Cut machine and they kept trying to tell her it was included in the exceptions in the fine print on the q-which it is NOT!

    She is on her second round of chemo (maintenance-she's doing great! Thank God) and just wasn't up to the stress of arguing any further, but I fully intend on going back with her, or just going my self and getting it. I bought mine with the same q after going several rounds w/ 2 cashiers. Finally asked for the manager ,who took one look at it and agreed with me- the Cuttle bug was NOT mentioned in the exceptions. So I am spoiling for a fight on my friends behalf!

    I ran in there the other day and spoke w/ the cashier taking my order and she was sorry that my friend didn't come through her line as she knows the coupon IS good for that item too!

    I often have the same problems with Wal-Mart. A big pet peeve with me is how when stock dissappears from shelves right before a big q is offered! Hmmmmmmmmmm, shady! My hubby says there is no q conspiracy -but I beg to differ!

    One of the main problems in retail (and pretty much all sectors of the business/service world-but we don't have time for all that!) is that employees just don't know their jobs-even at the supervisory levels or just don't care!
  9. lynniesue's Avatar
    I vote for the just don't care..or so they act like that here