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Snowy morning in April

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Yesterday I had to be on the road all day. It was a lovely sunny 60 degree day. I got woke up at 4am with sleet hitting the window. Temps today hovered between 31-33, bouncing back and forth.
Before long the sleet was mixed with snow. The biggest snow flakes I've ever seen! At one time we had over 4" piled up but the temps were still bouncing up and down so melting along the way. By 2 PM the snow ended and the sun came out and now it's in the mid 40's so the snow will be gone soon. tomorrow we'll be on the rod again 7AM and probably won't get home until after midnight. It's suppose to be in the 60's and bright and sunny all day. Saturday it's suppose to rain all day and then Sunday and Monday it's suppose to snow. I guess ole man Winter will depart sometime this year! But the old goat is sure hanging on here! anyway we all had a leisurely morning with homemade cinnamon raisin biscuits and hot chocolate. It was nice to watch those huge flakes falling knowing by tomorrow it would all be gone!

We got our Scottish plaid skirts made today for our dance class. We just have to hem them up tonight. think we'll put a movie or two on and coast through the night after we feed animals.

Got home last night and DH had bought 3 tiny little ducklings. Said he couldn't help himself! They are so cute. Now I'm wondering if these are future dinners or if he'll put them on the lake when they get big enough and let them fly away this Fall.

Got word today that very soon DH will be coming off active duty orders for the first time since 9/11 happened. He'll get to be a weekend warrior until he retires August 2010! He's already retired from his civilian job so we'll have him home most of the time now! Yea!!!!

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