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Yep, nother full day of work ahead of me. The days just seem to feel longer and longer, it almost feels like I live there. ( I work 6 days a week*) So yay?

But I save a bundle on food since they prepare lunch and if I'm there dinner for all the workers. Its nice, and since I LOVE chinese food I'm perfectly okay with it.

I'm really excited since there's a big full leaf growing out of the pot where I planted the morning glory X3

The other day my friend was eating macaroni (homemade*) and my ferret was all crowding her plate, so after she finished and had a few schniblets left she let the ferret sniff the plate, so the ferret sorta bit into a little macaroni but really didn't eat it... so my friend goes "I wonder how much she'll take?" And with that, the ferret lifts a huge bundle about the size of her head and looks at us proudly then puts it promptly on the carpet. Didn't really eat it just played with it. And its safe for her to eat very miniscule amounts of dairy (I monitor her*).

and with this, I'll get ready to leave for work so I have something to do during break

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