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Really Getting into

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Well on Saturday Night I posted my first Blog. I don't know what I had been doing wrong but it finally came thur. I even asked Kim last week and she helped me some. "Thanks again Kim".
Avatar Options-- got into that also, now I don't have a empty space there anymore. I'm kinda of proud there. I was looking for something different and finally found something I liked, he is kinda of small but cute.
Got into the Halloween-contest too,posted a few party ideas there too. There are alot of good ideas there already. But whoo knows I might come in second, I like the videos that are there. Don't know how to post pictures or videos yet---but I'll learn.
Hope everyone has a good weekend---Also Good Luck to everyone that enters the Halloween Contest.(Only 27 Days to Halloween My Little Pretties)
See everyone one on the site this coming week.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Your welcome JoAnn. Way to just dig in! I did notice the avatar and how cute is that! I am lazy and use the ones on the site-now you have me motivated to look for some clip art to put with my name.
  2. blndemom23's Avatar
    I'm a newbie as well, although much newbier than you, lol. I also am getting in the budget101 and really love it here already now that I have figured out how do to some things, lol. I didn't know we could post pictures, do you mean in blogs or something? See, ya learn something new everyday

    Good Luck in the contest! I'm not NEAR creative enough to enter, lmao.