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Snowy Last Saturday in March

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Well last weekend was in the 70's but this weekend it's snowing! It was nice while it lasted and I suppose it'll get back there sometime soon. Suppose to be 50 tomorrow so all of this should melt away. My youngest son turned 20 today. Doesn't seem possible! My oldest son came home for the weekend. He had planned to leave after dinner but with the snow he'll hang around an extra day so he doesn't have to drive back on icy snow packed roads. I forgot to go cover my carrot bed up that had sprouted last week so don't know if they'll make it or not. The peas and carrots I planted last week should be ok as they haven't sprouted up yet.

My husband confirmed today that all his family minus his sister in Las Vegas will be coming in July. Hope we get the basement done by then or at least the bathroom done and the walls up. We can paint, ect later but hope we get at least that far. I'll have to put out a request for beds to borrow for two weeks at church and see if we can find enough to cover everyone. As soon as the girl's and I get back from Church Girl's camp in mid June, we'll have to start rearranging to get full or king size beds up in all the upstairs bedrooms and then my family can move into the basement while they are here. My husband promised me we'd have 3 full bathrooms before they get here. Sure hope so for 27 people! Just glad we are able to pull it off! Most places we've lived at we'd be camped out in tents or staying in hotels! Oh we'll have so much fun! Of course at the rate we're going it might still be snowing! Back in 1911 it did actually snow here in July! Hope history doesn't repeat itself!

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  1. tsgal's Avatar
    Wow, not that's a house full, 27 people. Hope that everything goes good and that you get the bathrooms done in time. Sounds like you have everything planned out. I would be stressed out with that many people, I would be worried that I didn't have everything just right.
  2. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    I love having large family gathering -it is a lot of work ,but worth it -I wish I had 3 baths -we have one very tiny one. I also I'm hoping for spring .We made a small garden today -the first I have had for 10 years or so.We are never home in the summer and weeds always win -I will try extra hard to keep the weeds out this time . Can not wait for tomatoes. Take care -Bobbi -ne
  3. brchbell's Avatar
    Lots of folks at church volunteered to help if we needed it and will give us as many beds as we need for those two weeks.

    Took a walk out to my garden now that the snow is mostly melted and the bed of carrots that was already up is fine, still nice and green and a few peas are starting to poke on up. So looks like my garden survived this round of winter weather. My Ag guy told me the Spring stuff would survive as long as we could keep it above 28 degrees. Long range forecast looks good so we should be ok. I'll go get a 100' roll of plastic pipe and we have several rolls of plastic already in case we get hit with another bout of winter down the road. We'll need it in the fall anyway. using cinder block to make our 4' X16' beds makes it so we can put plastic pipe over in hoops and then cover it with plastic to make little green houses if we need to. the guy I got the cinder block idea from in the Ozarks uses the green house thing to grow garden 10 months out of the year. He shuts his garden down in December and starts it back up in February. I've traveled all over the last few years and learned so much about food storage and gardening. I've got notebooks full of info I need to set down some day and bring some order out of the mess so it can be of more use. We'll be talking and remember one of the trips and then I spend days going through notebooks trying to find our notes about it! A lot of people are keeping track of my garden! It should grow all we need for the whole year plus and shouldn't have any weeds unless we introduce them. I've only seen two so far and they pull out so easily in the grow mix we have.

    Our basement bathroom went from a small getting by one to a large nice one. Large tub and we put a sauna in it. So we have a Jacuzzi bath tub upstairs and a wonderful sauna downstairs. We have large windows in back overlooking our lake and a dock with a canoe and paddle boat. We have 56 miles of mowed trails all over our hills on the other side of the lake. Hope all my in-laws have a great vacation here while they come to help us can up stuff from the garden. We're a day trip away from Des Moines and Kansas City so we should have lots of stuff to go do between garden sessions.

    A few years ago I would of freaked out over this but now I'm much more laid back and don't care how the house turns out. what gets done, gets done. The upstairs is all done except the carpeting and we will get that done next month. the basement won't have the carpet down or painted walls but I don't care. We have priorities and those come first and the rest get done when we have time. Before I would of drove my family to get everything done so it all shined brightly but now I figure they are coming to see us not the house and if part of it isn't done then maybe they have a reason to come back!

    Going to go walk and enjoy this beautiful day after a day of snow yesterday! What a difference a day makes!
  4. wilbe95's Avatar
    Enjoyo your time with the family. Can be stressful but it will be over soon enough and just think of the wonderful memories you all will have!
  5. Tarrien's Avatar
    Isn't that irritating? It was in the high 80s here and then there was a huge storm that kicked it down to low 40s. Not exactly the best transition.

    I'm sure you'll have a great time with your family when they visit