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Craft Bazars Have Begun (My 1st.Blog)

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I went to my first Craft Bazar for the year. It was behind a local Community Church. Country Harvest-- it was their 39th Anniversary, running for two days. Cost to get in was $4.00.
Today was a beautiful Fall day for this outing, (55*) outside. The sun was coming in & out all day long. Some call it sweater weather here, (I had mine on).
There were uncountable vendors there. The crispness in the air set the mood for the Kettle Corn that was popping and the Apple-Fritters frying. There was Fresh Cider to taste in hopes that you purchased a gallon or 1/2 gallon. Apple butter was a taster - they had reg. and then some that tasted like cider(which was pretty good). But I make make my own, so I didn't buy any apple butter. The local Church Ladies had Chicken and Dumpling dinners in the Church Hall for sale (I passed this up also). Had lunch with my Brother and Sister-in-Law,before they went back home to Kentucky. I probably could have eaten everything that I saw if I had not have eaten first. There were many other food vendors also.
But onto the crafts--- there was Pot Pourri & Herbs,Dried Flower Creations,Tole Painting,Halloween Decorations along w/ Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations too,soo many different crafts(people are just so crafty). The Attractions, there were really nice also. Wagon Rides,Wool Spinning Demonstration and Blacksmiths. Face Painting for the childern. The Country Music there was a joy to listen to. I had to sit and take a break about this time. They had several Antique dealers too. Primitives,Country Furniture, Clocks-China Paintings. I must not forget about the quilts and linens. Most of these were all hand made.
But that was my Saturday here In Northern Ohio. Just thought I would share it with everyone. Would like to hear about other craft shows or bazars, that some of you go to or show your items at. Will see what happens on Sunday--mostly cooking and yard work, I believe. Have to get the yard ready for Old Man Winter.

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  1. faxonfive's Avatar
    Wow, that is awesome!! I wish I was a little closer!! I LOVE craft shows and bazars!!
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    Yes , there are so many show coming in the future weeks too. With the holidays upon us. This is the busy part of year for crafters.
  3. faxonfive's Avatar
    I would love to find the time to make crafts like I used to...send pictures if you can....I hope to visit some here in Charlottesville Va.
  4. JoAnn's Avatar
    Never thought about taking pictures, thats a very good idea. I'll try to remember to do this.
  5. faxonfive's Avatar
    Yeah if your able to take pictures and send them - then I can get some ideas for presents... That would be fabulous!!! Thanks!!