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Sunday night

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Had a great day today. Enjoy these warmer days. It was 70 today and suppose to be 70 tomorrow but suppose to rain. Then we fall back to the 50's for the rest of the week. We've joined a Scottish Dance group. We've had lots of fun! I'm so tired of working and always glad for Sundays. The Lord's day. We get home from church and have a meal from the crock pot or one we made the day before that we toss into the oven. Go change our clothes and come back and eat. Other than required chores that can't be done ahead of time we have a day off and only do the Lord's business. I've been making special booklets up for my Primary children and making up personal postcards for children who missed church today. Have a lot sick and 3 kids who got to go down to Osage Beach, MO to see their Mom who had gone down a couple weeks ago for a conference and while there got ill and rushed to the hospital and went into a comma. She has spinal meningitis. She came out of the comma last Monday night and they thought she would be able to come home this weekend and then she had a set back and went back into a comma. We keep praying Stacy will pull through this. She has 3 daughters aged 8, 12, 13. We never know what we will face each day. I leave each day in the Lord's hands and pray I'll have enough faith to handle whatever comes my way. Well got all my stuff printed out so will go upstairs and get some reading caught up and call it a night.

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