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Making New Friends

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I was in Girl Scouts when I was younger. And I remember singing this song ---- Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. This song really hit home and brought back memories, when I had a chance to meet a very sweet person from this site at a show she was doing. The meeting was like meeting a long lost friend. We hugged and chatted a few mins. But I didn't want to keep her to long, just because she was working..
Another time here I had the chance to speak to a really wonderful person here also.. And we chatted for some time on the phone..

I was wondering, and thought I'd post this question -- Besides contacting our friends by e-mail or snail mail -- How many out here have met a new friend here -- one on one ? Or have contacted a person here on the phone???..
I really enjoy chatting and making new friends here.. Also enjoy when -- The newbies here fill out their home pages fully, so I can leave a little message there, just to say Hey--Hope you have a good day..
Friends are indispensable & (Budget101).
Friends here & this forum, provide support, a safe haven where we can vent ideas (and complaints), as well as a connection to other parts of the outside world.

I read somewhere that studies show that friends are actually good for our health. They diminish sickness and depression because they help ease the stress in our lives. And boy at times can that get thicker then butter.

To all my Friends here,
Have a wonderful day !!!!

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  1. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    I like making new friend also and it is really nice that we have this site to get to know each other. And being at home 24 -7 it really helps pass the time -even though we have never met I have a small glimps into many lives here. It is also very cool how you all save so much money I love all of the tips.Bobbi -ne
  2. tsgal's Avatar
    Well JoAnn to answer your question, I have met someone on here and have been able to talk on the phone with that person. She has become a very dear friend to me and I'm so glad that I have met her. I have also met others on here that have become greats friends too. I haven't spoke with them on the phone, but I do get the chance to email or chat with them. Even though I haven't had the chance to met them in person or talk with them on the phone, I wouldn't trade the new friendship I have with them for anything. See I'm the type of person that doesn't really do things with people that I work with. For good reason, everytime I do they think that I should be covering for them all the time. And I don't want to do that. So when I found this site and started meeting so many wonderful people on here, it has been great. I have got to know some of you in a very special way. And to me that is a blessing.
  3. JoAnn's Avatar
    See I'm the type of person that doesn't really do things with people that I work with. For good reason, everytime I do they think that I should be covering for them all the time. And I don't want to do that
    . Oh my can I relate to this. You must be reading my mind. In my years of working outside the home, I've come to the same way of thinking.. And I alway thought I was the odd one..THXKS
  4. wilbe95's Avatar
    I have to admit I am somewhat of a loner as far as friends go in real life. I have a few very close friends and several acquaintences (sp). I really feel close to some people on here, closer than to some of my own family members.

    I have not had the fortune to meet face to face or talk on the phone yet with anyone from the site as of today. I am hoping meet several face to face and would love to visit on the phone until we can meet face to face.
  5. jaime's Avatar
    I just love all the friends I have met here on-line. I feel like I am close yet I have only had the fortune to meet one. Someone very kind and beautiful...unfortunately I was working and couldn't chat longer I would love to visit by phone until I could meet someone face to Kim says...I too am somewhat of a loner. Thanks to everyone for being there and most of all being a friend!
  6. Tarrien's Avatar
    I haven't really met anyone on here, or talked on the phone with any of them. I feel it'd be a fun experience though. I'm more of a have a few friends and still have a lot of me time in between.

    Most of the friends I hang around today, I met over the internet so... the idea of meeting someone from Budget 101 sounds rather exciting.
  7. tsgal's Avatar
    Making Friends..........this says so much. I have been reading some of the blogs on here tonite. And I am really moved by some commits that have been made. One of you said that your adventures have been priceless, how amazing is that. One of you have said that you could relate, talk about thinking alike. One of you said I want to meet face to face, how exciting. I see so many lives on here that are so different, but yet they are not. So many here that want to meet a friend, you have but don't realize it yet. I'm seeing some wonderful beginings here, and it's a wonderful thing. So many dreams, so many desires, and a wonderful group that I can call my online family. I could never have imagined that I would have ever meet so many wonderful and loving woman. Your all one of a kind.......
  8. danghsia's Avatar
    I haven't meet anyone here in person nor talk to them on phone. I would love to meet in person and talk on phone. just not really sure how to do that LOL