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First Day of Spring-79th day of 2009

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March 20, 2009
Spring is offically here. Awoke this morning with shivers. Yes some of the blankets slipped away in the night. Must of been the blanket fairies at it again.. The sun was also shinning brightly in the windows. Something told me that I kind of over slept Lolll, must of needed that sleep. Or I wouldn't have been sleeping in.

Not a usually busy day here planned. Just a few must do's. Called the repair service to see if they had it in their plans to finally make it back to the house after a little over a week, with me being without a dryer. Gotta love the dryer invention (about sick of hanging clothes up in the bathroom to dry). The real deal here is, I haven't had the darn dryer for even a full 2 months.. Again things aren't made like when I was growing up..Mom & Dad only had to purchase 1 new dryer in their life time. And the same went for the washer. They had a wringer washer for years in the basement. Learnt to use that real fast--after my arm got stuck in the roller part of the machine..hummm now I know why my arm aches in the winter time or when it gets cold out.. But any whoo, got some cleaning done, phone calls made & a trip to town and the dryer is now fixed..

Back to Spring being here. The spring flowers are starting to break the ground from around them..And I also had the Spring Peepers, in full roar the other day..Still can't figure out why there are sooo many deer out and about this year.. Some things aren't meant to be figured out. Just enjoying what has been place before me..And with all this being said, I'm really looking forward to being able to get out in the yard and starting my garden this year.

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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    JoAnn - Isn't it nice to see the pretty weather again? I can't go out in it but I can sure enjoy it thru the window. . . . .You were talking about the one-time purchase of a washer & dryer by your parents - well, my parents bought a new International Harvester refrigerator in 1950-51. 5 or 6 yrs. ago, when they sold their lake house, one of the things we brought back to the City was that fridge. Over the years the gasket around the door had been replaced periodically. Other than that it still worked as well as it did when it was new. Isn't it amazing how well things work when taken good care of (including ourselves!!!)?
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    I know that spring is here but I wish I could say the snow is over. The big snow is over and the drastic cold is over but to get snow middle of next week. Wont last long. I have started some new herbs inside the house already, that really helps.

    What all will you be planting in your garden? Do you do vegetable gardening or flower gardening? I really want to get some plants out this year but have to be patient or they will never survive.

    Enjoy your warmth and sunshine!
  3. JoAnn's Avatar
    Janice, I can remember also replacing a gasket or two on a few refrig (ice box Lolll). I finally broke down about 10 years ago and got a brand new frig.. Amazing how things lasted or how we made them last a few years longer Lolll. Bet you are enjoying the warmth thur the windows..Sometimes it actually feels better from there.

    Kim, anymore I only do a smaller garden here. When Dad was alive, we had a big garden at his house. I love my flowers and fresh veggies. I plant cabbage, onions and raddishes in between my flowers. It takes a little planning, but in the end it looks really cool too. I have a big porch so I also do container plants. This year I want to do more hanging veggie plants. The winter seems like it's been very long this year. I have about a month and a half at least before I can get any plants outside. Probably 2 months, I'll see what happens..
  4. Tarrien's Avatar
    Oh wow, I forgot spring officially already started. The weather all through the winter was spring-like for me that I really didn't feel like I went through a winter at all..

    Planned obsolescence, not a big fan of it myself since things are getting made to last less and less. Its really really irritating.

    You and me both, I can't wait to start doing my own gardening. Its really exciting to see the plants you take care of really flourish.