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OK, I am really new to this whole "Blog" thing, but I thought I'd give it a try.

I guess I'll just tell a little about myself. I am a Southern Belle living outside of Philadelphia, PA. My husband and I moved here a couple of years ago right after we married. I'm originally from South Carolina. I miss some things about SC alot. (I'll discuss some of those in further bogs I guess.) But I do love living up here. I love the seasons! Where I come from there aren't really seasons. It gets kind cold in winter & then it gets hot & hotter. Those are our seasons: Winter, Hot, & Hotter. But up here there are actually 4 seasons! I love it when the fall comes! The weather is starting to get cool, the leaves are starting to change colors. Its so beautiful! And winter!!! I LOVE winter!!! I can't wait ever year for the first snow! I become a kid! I just stare out of the window inexpectation every time the weather man says there is a slight chance of snow. And as soon as the first flakes start to fall I have to run outside! - And don't even get me started about Christmas!!!! But, that's for another post! Hope I did this whole blog thing OK? Thanks for reading!

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    I really like your blog. A Southern Belle are you ? I'm so jealous. My second love is the South. (Mountains Of VA.)
    I'm glad you like the 4 seasons. I was born - raise and live in the North myself (Ohio). About 25 miles from Lake Erie. I have really enjoyed your posting of recipes.
    I'll be thinking of you when the first snow hits.
  2. Liss's Avatar
    That's what I loved about Maine, the 4 seasons. I had to laugh when you were talking about SC have the seasons of winter, hot, hotter. We used to joke that Wisconsin had 2 seasons, 4th of july weekend and Winter. lol, 3 years of freezing my rumpus off starting mid-august.

    Great Blog Post, I look forward to reading more. (Oh, btw, whereabouts in SC were you from?)
  3. wilbe95's Avatar
    I spent many years growing up in Oklahoma then on to Ohio, PA, MD, and now SD. I know what you mean about the seasons! A body needs to go through those! Although I could do without some of the bitter cold I am experiencing now. Never knew it could snow when the temp was in the negatives. Great job posting. Look forward to your next one.
  4. jkpjohnson's Avatar
    Ok, I will jump in as well (later tonight). I also have never done the Blog thing. I agree with Lizz ~ being from MN (there is only 4th of July and Winter). So much for living in a four season state. I have lived in MN my entire life, I know nothing else, cannot imagine what it is like to live in a state that only has two (on the coast).

    WVA is one of the most beautiful states I have seen. My mouth dropped, everything was SOOOOOO green, and I am from MN and have traveled thru 95% of the states. It is one of my fav's, Utah is the #1, wish I could have stopped to visit more of the sites.
  5. blndemom23's Avatar
    Never done the blog thing either so i'll throw my two cents in as well, lol. Hopefully I'm doing this right in replying to yours.

    I live in Southeast Va. and even though we experience all 4 seasons, I would LOVE to see more snow around here. I have lived here my whole life, and growing up I remember having winters where it snowed TONS. But now, if we get even 1 dusting of snow per winter season, we are doing good. The last time we had a really big snowfall was back in Dec. 2004 when I was pg with my youngest daughter. The city freaks out for just a dusting though...schools are delayed, traffic is terrible, etc. People up north would totally get a kick at that! lol.

    Great first blog rtebalt, and nice to 'meet' you.