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My Praises And Plans !!!!

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Hello All,

I am so happy to say that Mom is doing much better and I am sooo thankful to God for that !!!

Please keep her in your prayers in the morning she is having a surgery to repair her dialysis port.

***PRAISEREPORT*** Momma had went to the bathroom 4 times today !!! She was lucky to do that in a week before so I know God is doing a work In her AMEN !!!!! *****

Now back to me, I have had a lot of things on my mind with my and my hubbies health lately.
There is nothing wrong with us but I don't want there to be either. I know we must both lose weight !!!!

I also know that this is sooo hard. Soo much easier said than done. So I thought if it was ok with y'all I might blog about my weightloss efforts and how I am trying to save money while trying to lose weight !!!

I hope that it's ok with Liss if I blog about weightloss !!!!

So first thing first I will tell you that I started weighing in at 250.8 !!!

I now weigh 227.8 . I have lost this weight just gradually without too much effort but I am really wanting to get this weight loss into high gear.

So my plans for losing the weight are as follows

~ 1. Drink 10-8oz glasses of water per day
~ 2. Of those 10 glasses make sure that atleast 3 of them have 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cidar Vinegar (I have heard it helps with many things, weight loss being one of those things, besides I love vinegar any way)
~ 3. Start Keeping A food diary !!!!
~ 4. Make healthier choices in my food
~ 5. Start out doing 50 jumping jacks per day then work my way up

This is what I have planned so far. I hope that it's ok for me to put this here !!!!

If it's not ok sorry Liss !!!!

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    WOW a 23 pound lost! Awesome. Sounds like you are trying to do it slow and healthy. You wrote you will be doing jumping jacks, can't wait to here how many you get to in a day!
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    Oh how exciting! I'm so grateful your Mom is improving! I'm excited that you are working to lose weight too! I got put on steroids to control my severe Asthma 3 years ago and went from 125 to 237 pounds in less than 30 days! I've tried so hard to lose but leveled off at 187 and then my doctor put me on Metformin to try and fool my body into changing how it processes what I eat. It's been 8 month's and I've gotten down to 168 but plateaued there again. If I eat any refined sugars or starches at all it goes right back on but I've managed to keep me at the 170-167 weight range so far. I don't ever want to be 125 again but I'd be tickled pink to get down to 150 and stay there! I have always drank a lot of water daily. Never heard of the vinegar thing so I'll try that also! I also like vinegar! I also walk for an hour each day. My husband mowed trails all over our hills out in the south fields for me to walk on. Since his surgery last April he's gotten a pretty good paunch also that he's been walking to try and get rid of. Best of luck on your weight loss! Hopefully we can lose together this year!
  3. JoAnn's Avatar
    Sounds like you are on the right track, to losing the weight you want to. And now some of the stress, with your Mother is gone also. Will keep you and your family in my daily thoughts.
  4. beansthemama's Avatar
    Isn't God wonderful? He never fails us. I am so glad that your mom is doing better, and congrats on the weight loss, I am battling mine as well. Doing Weight watchers. Take care
  5. tsgal's Avatar
    Very exciting news. Glad to hear about your mom, and the weight lose is great. Sounds like your on the right path to a great finish.