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Out of sorts Monday

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We're having a wonderful heat wave here! Two days n the 70's. Had planned to work outside all day but had to take kids to the dentist in the morning and then my son got a call for a job interview 90 miles away and had to go apartment hunting afterwards. Found him a very nice apartment within a mile of where he will be working for a reasonable price. We're just waiting for the phone call that will tell him when he starts work now. After we got home I was in a weird mood so started my walk and half an hour into it I could smell smoke so headed home. Shortly there after my son called and said the forest behind our property was on fire. We tried to find the owner and couldn't but after all the rain we had it burned itself out after covering about 150 acres. Still got a lot of smoke but it will clear out overnight. My daughters dog got hold of two of their baby chicks that are now two weeks old and killed them while I was gone today. they had moved them to a larger pen and the holes was a little to big and they had gotten out where the dog could get them. Guess this means they won't be free range chickens! I'd rather get rid of the dog but it would break her heart if we did so guess we keep them penned or make a movable pen for them.

My daughter took care of our Monday night Family Home evening lesson. She taught a short lesson on how Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to always be right but to learn from our mistakes and live life as best we can.

We did get 100' of black plastic laid and mulched around one side of the garden perimeter late morning before the phone call. The girl's got the first 32 center blocks moved to the garden for the next garden bed. Hopefully we won't have any phone calls tomorrow so we can get a full day's work in. I think I'll go fill my Hot tub up and take a long soak and see if I can shake this mood I'm in.

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully this funky mood will be gone!

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  1. Tarrien's Avatar
    Great to hear that you're having a good heat wave. Winter has been around for way too long. And that's really weird, fires really make everyone feel weird from what I've heard from various sources. My sister said she felt really weird one day before she went to work and found out later the roof started on fire.

    I'm sorry to hear about the chicks, the movable pen sounds like a good idea for them though.

    Have fun gardening, I can't wait to play (work) in a garden of my own one day.
  2. incheck4real's Avatar
    I hope that you will feel better tomorrow. Hey by the way can I come use your hot tub ??? LOL !!! Just Kidding !!
  3. JoAnn's Avatar
    Sounds like everyone put in a busy day. Hope tomorrow is better for you. And what a way to close your day, with your DD lesson.
  4. wilbe95's Avatar
    What a day you had! Sure hope that you wake up this morning and are able to take advantage of the warmth and enjoy some outside time with out anything happening.
  5. brchbell's Avatar
    5 AM and feeling great! That awful mood is gone. Looking forward to working outside all day today!
  6. JoAnn's Avatar
    A new days Blessing !! How wonderful you're feeling better.