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The life and mind of Tarrien

Really need to learn to drive

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So today was a full day at work. 11am- 2-pm with a two hour break then back to work at 4:30 to 9pm. Sometimes to 9:30 depending on customer traffic.

It gets so frustrating to get people walking in at 9:30 asking for food when we've already cleaned since the rest of the day was slow. Can't go home until those customers are done eating... etc...

So today I was picked up an hour late since my ride forgot to pick me up (10pm*) and I got really depressed since I get looked over enough as is... makes me feel even less wanted... So the person that picks me up goes "just think if you worked at 7-11 night shift you wouldn't even need a pick up and then the donut shoppe in the morning, you wouldn't even need to leave the area" ... that completely shattered my feelings, I didn't say anything but that hurt really bad. I mean how am I supposed to feel? Great that no one wants me?!

I really need to find a way to live alone. For good. I'm sick of all this stress from stupid people...

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    Remember take it a day at a time. Sweetie try not to take things that people say to heart.. Some don't think before they say things and really don't mean what they say...They forget about their friends feelings or other peoples feelings in life. When I was younger and didn't have a car, I was forgotten several times (My Own Dad). But it made me stronger and work harder for things I wanted or needed in life. You'll be able to look back some day and hopefully feel the same.. Keep your chin up Dear One and look for the Sunshine....
  2. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    Tarrien -I can remeber waiting for my dad after basketball practice for several hours - it really hurt me and It made me work hard enough to get a car - it was a piece of junk , but got me from point A to B . And I think to be independent you almost need a car and your own place. It is kinda scary at first , but freedom is wonderful -to do whatever -whenever -Well take care Bobbi-ne
  3. wilbe95's Avatar
    Tarrien, don't take it personally that they were late to pick you up. Sometimes time gets away from a person and you don't arrive on time.

    Learning to drive would be a great benefit for you. Personal independence can be a good thing. A car can be expensive but once you learn to drive you will never lose that ability.

    Sounds like you had a rough day at work. But again a step in the direction of your freedom. You will go far if you keep your chin up and a smile on your face.
  4. incheck4real's Avatar
    You can't change what that peson said or how they hurt you but you can change you. You can change your situation and you can learn to drive !!!! You all ready on the right road that person was just there as a speed bump to try and slow you down. But I know you won't let them !!!!