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The life and mind of Tarrien


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So I moved out and I'm living with my friend right now. Got a new job MUCH closer to the friend's house since the other was 15miles away and making them drive there-back there-back isn't right. So now I work in a chinese restaurant for a little bit more money.

Really enjoying living here, I finally have my own bed, not own bed room but they give me a lot of space.

But yeah, just been busy lately or I would've posted more. Any mail I get at my old address will still be given to me by my ex-roommates

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  1. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    This sounds like a much better situation for you. I'm happy it's working out.
  2. Tarrien's Avatar
    it is but isn't.... I feel like I'm forfeiting my freedoms I used to have like my anytime bedtime, going out whenever, that sort...
  3. JoAnn's Avatar
    Things for the most part, do sound that they are looking up for you. You'll get to where you want--it just takes time..One day at a time, and one step at a time.
  4. tsgal's Avatar
    So glad to hear that things are improveing for you. Sometimes we have to give up something in order to better ourselves. Sounds like this is the first step to better times ahead for you.