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Happy WARM Thursday!

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What a wonderful day! 70 degrees! Melted most of the snow and ice and tomorrow should finish it off! Maybe last weekends snow storm will be the last of winter???? Okay, first week in March so I won't hold my breath on that! But gosh it was so nice! I took a long walk and only returned when my mouth got so dry and I realized I hadn't brought my water bottle so headed homeward after 45 minutes. Gave the kids the afternoon off until chore time so they could enjoy it also!

Got all my Broccoli plants started off good and they are growing well under the lights. With my husband working on the basement I had to get very creative on where to put my plants this year! My Utility room has cabinets and a good 3 foot empty space on top of them so while I need a short ladder to get to them they are out of the way and no one can complain about all those baby plants growing! 3 more weeks before I dare put anything out into my garden.

We're suppose to go down to mid Arkansas next week to pick up our last load of rice hulls that we use in our garden. We have 15 beds left to finish this Spring. DH promised me at least one root cellar and chickens this year. He picked up 20 chicks while I was gone last week and promised he'd get right on the chicken coop. As fast as these chicks are growing I sure hope he has it done in the next two weeks!

Oh I can't wait to start seeing Spring! I love Spring so very much when everything comes back to life! We've had several geese land on our pond. Always nice to see them pass back through! I even saw a little Bluebird on my walk. they don't normally winter over in our area but there it was so tiny and frail flitting through the trees. Buds were swelling up on some of the early trees. I think we are all ready for Spring!

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  1. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    Sounds like a great day! I love it when spring comes around. Everything is fresh and new.
  2. Tarrien's Avatar
    Good to here you're getting some warm over there too!

    Plants are always exciting when you can see significant growth, but I'm paranoid to put anything outside at all due to rabbits eating everything before.