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What to do with boys My son is looking for a date for prom -his senior prom -he does not date ,because well no- one what to date a nice kid. I wish some of the girls would just get to know him - He has a really great personality and a wonderful smile and so he was raised with values and respect. Most of the girls are intrested in the bad boys .Oh how I wish he would find some nice girl to go to prom -It really breaks my heart -he is an awsome kid -And I know I may be little bias ,but what mom is not. His friend told him to take a freshman -my son believe 18 year old boys should not be with 14 year old girls -no matter what !! Well I can hope -Take care Bobbi -ne

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  1. tsgal's Avatar
    Well Bobbi, wish I could push the easy button for your son....wouldn't that be nice. I have two boys, and my oldest has a heart of gold. And your right the girls want all the bad boys. If the girls only knew what they were missing out on......they could someone that would treat them with respect and kindness. It's to bad that they are looking in the wrong places, when a great date is right in front of them.
  2. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    I hope he finds someone. I've got 2 boys as well. the oldest is a couple of years away from dating ( I hope ). It's hard being a teenager these days. But I know our efforts will pay off. The good boys now will make great husbands some day. I hope it all works out for your son.