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Happy March 1st!

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I know it's still winter but just something about being March makes you feel glad! I know by the end of the month things will be greening up and snow melting even though we might still be getting snow at that point! By the end of the month Spring will be fighting for the right to be here and pushing old man Winter on out the door. But of course those of us in the northern prairies know that Winter will hang onto the door frame kicking and screaming before Spring finally wins and gets it booted on out!

I look forward to those pre-dawn trips out to watch the Prairie chickens strutting their stuff as the sun comes up and they start looking for a mate. I look forward to seeing the wild flowers poking up and blooming out. I look forward to setting plants out into my garden at the end of March. I wonder if the beaver that's been with us will return this year. Will the River Otters drop by for a quick visit again this year? Will my neighborly Bobcat come out to see me every morning on my dawn walks? I'm so ready to get back to my regular outdoor routines.

I'll miss my girls this Spring and Summer as they will both be working. Karmen will be returning to her Cafe job this Spring and Kim will be working at a farm as their horse trainer starting the 1st of May.

It hard to see your babies growing up and moving on! they had a great time last night at their 1st formal dance. Kim only got to dance 4 times and Karmen danced most of the night away! Poor DH took some pictures and then went out to his Truck to wait hardly able to bare guys dancing with his babies! He took them and their friend Katy out to eat afterwards before trudging back home in 12 inches of snow.

Better get off this computer and get my Sunday stuff done and into my bag.

Hope you have a lovely March week!

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