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The old saying, I believe goes something like this -- March In Like A Lamb out Like A Lion --
The gentleness of the Lamb or the Ferocious of a Lion. Humm
I remember as a young lassy, that in school we made pictures of Lions & Lambs. And then below each picture we listed the characteristics of each animal. To figure out this saying. Seems like yesterday at times, when I recall about different school activities or learning experiences. 4th grade, Mrs. Miller what a great teacher she was. As a class I believe we learnt alot that year. Sometimes I think of her alot, almost like a second mother. What a wonderful woman she was. Each year of my schooling, I have special memories of each teacher that I had.

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  1. arleneb's Avatar
    I think the saying is:
    March Comes In Like A Lion And Goes Out Like A Lamb---AT LEAST I HOPE THAT'S WHAT IT IS!!