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Ugh... another one?

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My youngest child has been a chronic sufferer of ear infections since she was little.

Most recently, this season, she has had one in Sept 08, Nov 08, Jan 08, and has been off the antibiotics for about 2 or so weeks. Yesterday I was called to come get her from daycare because she had a fever of 101.6. She was making hints (she gets silent ear infections where symptoms are minimal at best) that her ears arent feeling good. I think it might be another one.

Last month, the Dr said if the one she had in Jan didnt go away, she would get tubes.
If she gets 2 more by August.

WHAT?! Im taking her to the Drs today and If it is another ear infection, I think I am going to push for a specialist this time.

I dont want my baby to have surgery, but I dont want her suffering anymore with this. I am worry she might be getting immune to antibiotics (they have had to change it twice already) and I dont want her hearing to suffer.

Ill post an update as My day off today consists of Ortho appts for my oldest, dental appt for me and my oldest, and now a Drs appt for the baby.

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  1. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    I would find out the pro and con's of the surgery -I do know its pretty simple and I know several children that have had this procedure.If you continue with the ear infections your child could built up scar tissue which could lead to hearing loss - this happened to my sisiters oldest daughter - to much scar tissue -I would ask the DR. lots of question -so that eases your stress - well take care Bobbi -ne
  2. tsgal's Avatar
    Yes push for the specialist. I did when my youngest went through the samething at age 1. I'm so glad that we pushed for the specialist. He is a great Dr. and we still go to him to this day. I know that my DS got immuned to the antibiotics that he was givin. After awhile it just didn't work anymore. Having tubes put in was the best thing for him. But always wieght your options out before deciding on tubes. Hope everythings goes well for you and your DD dear friend.
  3. Tarrien's Avatar
    Perhaps its not an ear infection but maybe just a symptom of the fever she's having now? I found myself feeling really achy not too long ago with a little ear pain before I got a flu.
  4. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    Both of my older boys had tubes in their ears. The oldest was the worst. His first ear infection he was 6 weeks old. He actually had tubes put in twice because they came out so fast. I had an ear infection as an adult a couple of years ago. I'd swear it was worse than giving birth! I had a new sad feeling for what my kids went through. although any pain is 100 times worse when your grown up. Definately push for the specialist. Hope things get better...
  5. naturalmommy's Avatar
    welp... I was totally correct... she had an ear infection in the right ear. They decided to do injectable antibiotics as the orals didnt work. They did 1 yesterday, 1 this afternoon and her last dose is Friday. When I took her this afternoon, her ear started to look better. The Dr said that if she gets one in the next month again after the meds, they will give us the referral to the specialist.

    I hope that these meds are the end of it. I would RATHER her not get the tubes, but if she is miserable like she has been with these infections, and they will help... Im all for it.

    My oldest child only ever had 1. My youngest (20 months) is on #9 since birth.

    thanks again, everyone!