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The life and mind of Tarrien

Friends in unexpected places

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So not really been in the best of moods today. Ended up making half a pickle jar worth of stars (it usually takes me a week or two*) within 24 hours. Ended up not going to my interview for the grocery store since I'm sick of always being told "Come back in a week" its irritating and I don't feel like waking up just to be told to go home.

Goodnews is I have money in my bank account since I've been doing surveys otherwise I'd be negative again. Its tough... I've been living off ramen and skipping meals to make sure I won't overspend. I'll be able to pay off my bills in a week when my bank takes the hold off my money. *sigh of relief* But that only leaves me $20 for food. I guess moving in with my friend will benefit me in the point that I won't need to pay so much for groceries.

My old manager from an old job (seasonal only available in october or I'd beg to go back*) really cheered me up. Its good to know he's really understanding. The vocalist from my roommate's band seems to see that I'm not exactly treated the best either so he's exceptionally kind to me... its really nice to know there's good people out there. And you guys are really awesome to me as well. Especially couponwise ._. you guys really help me save some extra cash. Thank you.

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