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Time to Reflect

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I've had some down time today, some time to really think. I've been running non stop for so very long and I think I'm doing all I'm suppose to do but am I really? You know how things get. You are just caught up in the day to do stuff. Getting everyone where they need to be, getting meals, doing chores, cleaning house, doing laundry. I read scriptures, write in my journal when I remember. I fulfill callings at church and do them as best I can. I pray several times a day. But today as I reflected I realized I wasn't doing enough. I'm doing what I have to do to get by and no more. The Lord gave me everything and I'm just giving Him enough to get by on. I know that saying prayers is much different from engaging in meaningful prayer. Saying what I say and really, really meaning it. What would be different in my life with my Savior if I really said "what can I do for you today?" and really meant it? What would happen if I said "Lead me to someone in need or someone who wants to hear the gospel today" would He use me if I really meant it? I realized today while I claim to be a Christian, I am not really doing what I should be doing. I wonder what I would be like and how I would be different if I really lived my life for my Savior and really meant it not just I'll do what I need to to get by. As I begin a new week tomorrow I think it's time I rededicate myself to my Savior and give back to Him all He truly deserves from me. I don't want to say I love my Lord, I want to show Him I really do and change my life so He can use me.

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  1. tsgal's Avatar
    I really love your post. This a something that I ask myself daily. One thing that I do say often is that he lead me to someone in need. And I'll tell you what, it has happened so many times. It sorta wears me out, even though I'm tired of doing my daily work, I continue to ask him daily. I feel in my spirit it's my duty to ask and do as he wants me to do. I do understand what you are saying about not giving him your all. Saying that I'm a Christian is hard for me to say, because I wonder if I am really doing it the Christian way. So I don't use that statement much towards myself. I fall short of being perfect or doing everything that he ask of me. I give what I have in me on that day, he knows that I could do more. But in my mind I don't see that. His way of thinking and seeing things are always going to be much higher than ours. So don't cut yourself short on what you do for him. He knows that we could do more, but he also knows that we are only human too. He knows and sees all that we do and what we say. He see whats in your heart and soul. So give yourself a little slack, and don't punish yourself so hard.
  2. Tarrien's Avatar
    Yeah, I know when I was younger I was more than willing to ask God how he could use me and to help me live according to his plan...Its funny how time can really make devotion fade... but this is true of most humans- and God knows this. He won't hold it against you especially if you realized it and want to change that.