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Parent trouble

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Hey everyone, I want to ask you all for advice on a little crisis I am having with my parents.

Here's the scoop: reciently my step-father hurt his back at work. You would think it was a workman's comp issue, but when he was x-rayed they said it was actually his hip and that it was arthritis (sorry my spelling is bad), which means pre-existing, but they never diagnosed him before. He has no insurance. Well, in the mean time my mother who has diabeties has insurance for him but they said that she forgot to fill out a paper and now he is not covered. They are only covering half of her medical. They are still trying to catch up on the medical bills from my mothers second degree burns a couple of months ago and are falling $200 behind in bill a week. I am worried that my mom's health will get bad since she is taking care of my step-dad and working. He cannot walk right now.

Here's the problem. They have always been stupid...yes, stupid...with their money. I have loaned them money before...never to see it again. They go out to eat all the time, make frivolous purchases for things they never use, etc. so giving them money is out of the question. They have filed bankruptcy before (sorry about the spelling again). I am the oldest in the family and have 3 sisters who all feel the same. They refuse to get any kind of government assistance. At this rate I am afraid they are going to loose their home. 3 of us are taking meals to my step-dad and we are all helping with the housework.

I am afraid that if my mothers health fails that we cannot take care of them. They are both young 60s. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I hate airing personal stuff, but I know how great you all are at helping. Thanks all!

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Call your local senior center. We did this wth the hubby's parents in Ohio and they really gave us a list of great things to help out. They know the ins and outs for what they can get to help them. There is medical help for them but the senior center would know which would cover the expenses the best and what they qualify for. Asking for the government help might not be something anyone wants to do, but sometimes you just do not have a choice. The senior center can also provide meals on wheels and cleaning services to help out. Maybe your mother would accept the help if you explain that you are concerned that it will take a toll on her health.

    I wish I could be of more help. I know that when the hubby's parents needed help we could not help from such a distance and the people and the senior center stepped right up and took over for us which was truly a blessing.
  2. jaime's Avatar
    Thanks Kim. I will call them asap. And you are right, they will have to step up and take the help. I knew someone would know what to do. God Bless you! I was so frantic yesterday.

    Ps. Love the new avatar.
  3. wilbe95's Avatar
    Your welcome hun, let me know how it goes you can always come here and vent a little and we will help how we can