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Olive (Olea europaea)
Family: Oleaceae
No other edible relative expect Jasmine
At least 6,000 years ago, domesticated
Wild: Mediterranean
Where we get: Ca
• Get rid of Thorn
• Larger seeds
• Higher oil content

Item of interest
• Human start to consume in Jordan
• Can’t tell if they are original wild or ferial <Thorny/ small dry fruit>
• Can live for 1000 years
• All olive we grown are clone (via cutting)

More oleic acid, spoil easily
• virgin olive oil 1 to 2% oleic acid
• Pure to 1 to 1.5% oleic acid
• Extra virgin less than 1% oleic acid

• Ibuprofen like activity in extra virgin olive oil (oleocanthal)
• Oleuropein (toxin) this is in fruit/ doesn’t come out to the oil.
• Olive are process by salt/ lye(sodium hydroxide) treatment
• Treat it with iodine, this give black color

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