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Wheat (Triticum aestivum)
Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
30,000 years ago harvesting from wild
10,000 years ago people grow the cultivated wheat
Wild: Middle East
Where we get: Not Ca
• Non- shattering trait
• Easy threshing (separate seed from its coat)
• Hexaploid

Bread wheat is Hexaploid 2n= 42 (21 Chromosomes)
2 diploid get together get tetraploid which is pasta wheat
Tetraploid with diploid get hexaploid

Item of interest
• Bread wheat is hexaploid, pasta wheat is tetraploid
• Angiosperm (wind pollinated)
• Bread is produce by yeast fermentation (CO2 produce by yeast trap inside the dough due to hexaploid wheat complex protein structure, result in dough rising)
• Major grain crop
Norman Borlaug won Nobel Prize for inventing dwarf wheat (50s- 60s)
(Triple wheat production)
• Hormone GA gene (make plant tall) the mutant gene doesn’t have much GA, thus dwarf

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