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Gosh - Budget101 is a wonderful place and so helpful. Still, when my hubby was cut back to working only 3 days a week, and jobs where we are are scarce at best, it's been a true challenge to just get by. There are days I have optimism and days I have exactly the opposite. I wish our lame "new change and hope" government would do something that would truly make a difference, but instead I just see them taking more from us, our children, grandchildren, and future generations to come. What is the cost? I do not know. I only know that right now my only focus is on myself, my immediate family, and those close to us who may also be of need. I always try to help those who need it most - right now I'm trying to help myself because right now - well, for the first time in my life in a long time, I'm needing and not receiving and very afraid. This too shall pass I guess. When God closes a door he opens a window. I hope I find that window soon.

Hugs to all, and thanks to Liss for this site.

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