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Good Monday Morning

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Woke up this morning to 18 degrees.....ouch!! I dearly love Virginia and we have everybit of four seasons.....but I find as time goes by, my bones ach with the cold!! I know I am not alone either - how do you cope without medication? A broken bone here and there when I was younger - I know has lead to the aches....but I pray its gonna get easier!!

I see that snow is suppose to be headed this way.....I am already missing the 50-60 degree weather we have had the past two weeks.

Well on to work ...our financial audit begins today!! I am really dreading this!!!

I hope you all are taking care and staying warm!!!


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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Comes with age, Baby, comes with age. At least, that is what my husband seemed to be very fond of saying to me!!!
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    It's funny how we forget those broken bones until we get older and mother nature reminds us of every last one of them! My DH put in a very deep wonderful whirlpool bath tub for me. I don't know how I ever lived without it!
  3. Tarrien's Avatar
    I moved to get away from the cold so it never goes under 30 degrees.
  4. gidget's Avatar
    Girl we are only a couple counties away and was wondering if you got the snow flurries we had today? You talking 'bout the wrist and knees aint ya?? LOL - memories!!!