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The life and mind of Tarrien

Go home get out leave leave leave leave!!!!

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Man, I've had it. I freaked out yesterday night just because I need my relaxing by myself time. But no, my roommate always needs to have people over and ever since a friend of mine gave ME an inflatable mattress she's been making her friends use that out of her room and where I sleep. It irritates me. I need those nights to myself sometimes and if she has someone over 6days out of 7... I go crazy.

And to make it worse the guy that's been here the most is a complete jerk to me. Like yesterday I didn't get any food that day after everyone else went out to eat so I was already irritated from that and her friend is like "Going on a walk?" and I'm like "need food, haven't eaten today" and he's just rips me a new one. Its like I end up cleaning up after this jerk since he leaves this mess wherever he treads and he doesn't seem to respect me in the least. I'm gonna break a plate over his head one of these days, seriously. I can't take him anymore.

And whenever I tell my roommate anything like this she gets all defensive and is like "...he's my best friend. And you aren't exactly a princess to him either" And its like I've been acting 20x better to him than when we lived with him. HE HAS HIS OWN PLACE. I'm just so irritated I can't stand it.

Its like last night I just couldn't take it. She left both her friends out of her room and was like "I'm going to bed! Night~" And I'm like "please, can I sleep on the floor of your room tonight, please" and she's just like "....No?" And I just break out into tears since I've had it. I need some sort of illusion that I can get privacy, that I can get my "own room" instead of always sharing with guests that aren't even mine. She's like "What's wrong" and I'm just like " I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE" and her jerk of a friend is like "Oh waah waah" And I just end up screaming "SHUT UP!" I couldn't take that from him. Not then. I'm going crazy and I need my space and comfort zone not some insensitive poo-face making snarky comments at me.

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Updated 02-18-2009 at 02:22 PM by Tarrien

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  1. d_awalker's Avatar
    This does not sound like a good situation at all. Your roommate is allowing her "guests" to intrude on your space.

    Do you have anywhere else you could go? Did you sign a lease?
  2. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    I think it's time that you find a new roommate hun, this situation is NOT healthy for you at all. You should be able to relax when you go home, not wonder who or what is going to be in Your Own House.

    Does your landlord Allow overnight guests? Many do not, I would call anonymously and report their (unwanted) visits, the extra cars in the driveway/parkway, etc. Perhaps your roomie needs to get an apartment with all the people she has around everyday, she seems to enjoy chaos.
  3. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Seems to me your roommates friends are living off your rent. In other words - you are paying rent only for their convience. Where is your privacy - your own space?
  4. brchbell's Avatar
    I've been reading your blogs and you really really need to get into a better situation! They are not your friends, they are only using you! Please try to find your self a better situation and now that you know the ins & outs of room mates, make up some ground rules for future room mates to agree to before you get into another situation like now! It took my oldest son 3 years to work through his room mate situation when he left for college. Thankfully he journaled everything and his working situation to pass along to his siblings. good luck!
  5. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    Tarrien, This is not healthy for you. I think it's time you seriously looked at ways to change your living situation. What other options do you have?
  6. Tarrien's Avatar
    Right now, I don't really have much of an option, but to wait it out. I did sign a lease. And I'm here until September at least.

    There's no outside evidence of him being here, since he doesn't drive and my room mate will either drive him here or he'll take the bus. And my other room mate isn't too happy with her need to have a guest over at all times either. He said he'd talk to her as well since he's getting sick of all the sleep overs as well, since he knows its not fair to me and there's not enough space to always have a guest over. That and he's also more hermit like, he's lived alone for a long time so living with us is more than enough human contact for him.

    And good news is today when I came home from a visit to a friend's house the jerk friend left. Another guest is here, but he's not nearly as bad and he's only visiting the state for a week- he also stays out of sight more than not so it really really is a nicer change.