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The life and mind of Tarrien

The caretaker

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So yesterday (like 2am) my roommate started to feel really ill, like mild vomiting and felt much weaker than usual. I ended up running to the store for her and bought her a sick-kit. White Soda, Orange Juice, Jello, Dayquil and Nyquil. So when I get home I give her the pills and put the rest away in the fridge. By this time it was around 3am.

Ended up going to sleep. And at about 8am I woke up to her and my other roommate leaving to take her to the hospital. So I fell back asleep until about 10am. Did some clean up here and there. My other roommate came back around 5pm. He said she might have appendicitis and they're running tests now. He said she'd call back when she needed a ride home or knew what was wrong. 2 hours later she called and got her ride home. She has an infection but the hospital isn't actually sure what kind, they told her to come back in a few days though.

So ever since I've been delivering her juice, making her some food, and just giving her as much TLC as possible. She's still sick but she's doing a lot better than she was originally.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Hope your roommate appreciates how big of a help you are. Hope they also find out what is wrong and that she will get better soon.
  2. d_awalker's Avatar
    You are a great roommate! I hope the roommate gets well soon.