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Unexpected Gift

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I have been writing on some of my homeschooling groups about my son's desiret to learn how to cook, and sharing our adventures. One of my online homeschooling buddies sent me several cookbooks plus some homemade pear chutney!

She said that they have an outstanding "Friends of the Library" store in her town that she frequents. She saw the books an thought about us! Isn't that the sweetest thing?
Of course, I thanked her profusely.

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  1. Tarrien's Avatar
    Wow! Congrats~
    I know in while I was visiting a library in Canada for a little bit they had a lot of discounted books for sale on a certain day and time. I actually got some comics for 25cents when the cover price was around $20
  2. d_awalker's Avatar
    Whoa! That's amazing. I do find quite a bit of books at our local Goodwill, but they do not have a large selection.
  3. beansthemama's Avatar
    That is so nice! What a great thing!
  4. d_awalker's Avatar
    I know! She is so sweet to have done such a thing!