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Motivation please....

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Oh I need help. I cannot motivate myself to do anything lately. I have 4 boys so you can imagine my laundry and dishes. I am so tired of picking up after them. I will get the house organized and then on the evenings I work, come home to a mess again. My hubby, God bless him, doesn't help too much. Please understand I love him so much and I understand he is extremely busy. He is taking over a mangerial postion at the hospital, he is commander of his military unit and he is now back in school for his Master's Degree. I don't complain to him, I just can't but I am so tired of all the work. I have 2 of my little ones home with me in the morning, then off to half day school for my 5 year old, then just me and the 2 year old who is getting so sassy. Add in the cat and dog and I am just at the point where I look around my house and say...forget it, I just don't care anymore.
What keeps you motivated? I don't want to hype up on caffeine as it is not so great for you. Suggestions please....
Thanks much.

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  1. Liss's Avatar
    A Hot bubble bath and a good book with headphones & the door locked. That's motivation right there. It sounds like you just need an afternoon out with some girlfriends to raise cain and let off some steam. You've been busting your rump every day and let's facing, staying at home and running the house, taking care of kids, etc is usually a thankless job.

    You're doing a great job, just hang in there.
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    I agree with Liss you are doing a great job and you need a day out for just you.

    I understand your frustration I have been there myself with four boys and a hubby who is oblivous to the mess. There is nothing that says you have to bust your butt to keep your house perfect. . .what your boys will remember when they are grown up is not the mess but the time you have spent with them.

    With that said, the only way I can keep my house to the point that you can at least walk in the door is to recruit the kids to help. Laundry is a great place to start even boys should know how to do laundry. Turn it into a game with having the younger two separate the clothes by colors. I have used my youngest to help fold the clothes-after getting over that the don't have to be folded perfect-he is really good at knowing who the clothes belong to and likes to help his brothers by putting them away.

    Sounds like there are a lot of changes going on in your house. A great time to change the role responsibilities.

    Biggest thing is to remember that there is no such thing as perfect, focusing on perfect means you are missing out on the little things with your family.

    Hope in some small way this helps. You can always turn to us for support!!!