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Crud, My room mate is sick with a fever and sore throat. So I went and got her some medicine and juice. No coupons just went and got her the best juice and white soda I could. I did buy the off brand nyquil and dayquil though since buying those would've cost more than what I spent for everything together.

And me being a hypochondriac am starting to go "...I think I have fever..." I know I don't. The only thing I'm having is a dizzy spell and I'm just a little overheated since I was outside then came back inside. And I'm quite aware I do this but at the same time I still feel like I have a few symptoms. :headwall:

I think I might just go into my hibernation mode for the next few days so I don't make myself feel like I have more symptoms.

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Updated 02-18-2009 at 02:28 PM by Tarrien

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