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The life and mind of Tarrien

The Convention

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So on friday I ended up volunteering about 8 hours in the shopping area. I was at a booth helping advertise by yelling out to buy things at that stand specifically. It was awesome.
The sad thing is though I felt like I missed stuff going on since when I finally got off everything closed.

So then I ended up holding up a sign with the words "THE GAME" on them for the rest of the night by my own entertainment. THE GAME is a game where if you think about it you must say "I LOST THE GAME" if you think about it. You lose by thinking about it. That sign WILL make people remember and some people take it very seriously.

The next day I skipped my working shift of 4 hours since I wanted to have fun and I wasn't going to be there for the full 3 days (4 hours a day*) So I handed out my origami stars I went with three bags full. So here's where you might get a big kick out of what I did. So I walked around the independent vendors and gave one vendor with really cute stuffed animals a bag full- she ended up letting me take a stuffed animal of my choice. Then later on while I was handing them out two ladies ended up giving me a raindrop pin. And finally I ended up giving the last of one star bag to a guy with glow sticks and he gave me one free. I still have a half bag left since I've been handing them out to people just walking around also. Its kinda cool to see trading/bartering in this day and age work.

Today I ended up skipping going since I just wasn't in the mood or anything. So I ended up hanging out with a friend that hung out with me during the con and stayed over during it so she wouldn't have to drive an insane distance every day.

And that's where I was most of the weekend

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Sounds like you had a great time. The bartering/trading seems to have really worked for you!