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So I went to go make some food for myself. So I'm preparing everything, and I'm peeling the carrots... I peeled part of my finger ._.

It doesn't hurt and its not really bleeding but it just caught me so off guard I haven't done something like that since I was 9 and same thing happened with a cucumber...

Ah well...I'm really excited for the mail to come now... Even though I sorta think the next freebies won't be here till Friday, its still exciting. It feels sorta like winning with a scratchcard...You have a MUCH better chance at getting something and sometimes you send in for dud freebies that never show up.

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  1. d_awalker's Avatar
    The more you cook, the more "accidents" are likely. I have not cut myself in a while, but I currently have 3 burns on one arm from "oven accidents" resulting from my gloves being too short.

    It's bound to happen. Don't beat yourself up about it.