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Another bitter cold Tuesday

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It's warming up slowly here today but we should get to at least 15 today. But the good news is they are calling for 50's starting Thursday for at least 4 days so I get another reprieve from winter this weekend! So glad! We are taking turns going up to break the ice in all 3 pastures for the livestock. We have heaters in 2 of the tanks but it's so cold and they were to far down to work so we're having to break ice in all 3 today. I shouldn't complain, I know it's just for 3 month's each year that we have to break ice. I love seeing the little wild flowers breaking through the snow in the Spring though. Can't hardly wait to see them! But I bet I make sure those heaters are up near the top in case we get anymore bitter cold temps this winter!

We're getting work done of the basement getting ready for this Summers company. I know if we can get the basement done before July that we'll be able to handle the extra 11 who are coming for July. My husband just got put on a 4 day work week schedule so he'll have 2 days to work on the basement instead of the Saturday only thing we've been working on it. I was so grateful for that piece of news this week! We'll all be glad when he's fully retired and home all the time! August 2010 at the latest and any day now depending on the AF Medical Review Board. Well better get bread started and then bundle up for my turn to go break ice today! I'm thinking a big pot full of Chicken soup would be great today with some fresh bread straight out of the oven!

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  1. Tarrien's Avatar
    Wow, I forget how cold it can get. I'm glad things are going to warm up for you. Its the bitter cold that we wish for when its unbarebly hot and vice versa...Funny how that works out.

    Chicken noodle soup for a chilly day with warm fresh bread sounds like it'd be very well suited to help warm things up.
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    We just had dinner with hot rolls straight out of the oven. 2 of my kids were trying to cut them open to butter them and going ou, ouh, eh, and I started singing the old 1950's song I grew up with, ou, ouh , ou, ouh eh.walla, walla bang, bang. We all had a great time and sing along and laughing! It was sure the day for hot rolls and home made chicken noodle soup! I told my kids that they now know how they came up with the song! They knew it from Alvin & the chipmunks movie!

    And while I never like going out to break ice for livestock, it's much better now than it was in December when we had 2 weeks where the highs were 0! We had to go out around the clock every 2 hours and boy it was a job! Moving to Fiji sounds really good during those times! an hour out in -20 and I really have to take my mind somewhere else for awhile!

    We're going to have a movie night as soon as we get chores done. So glad for more and more warmer days! Just knowing they are coming helps me get through a day like today!