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Well, right now we're preparing to go to Denny's since we figure the earlier the better.

Afterward, I need to go to my interview at the local grocery store. Which I'm really hoping goes well, but if all else fails I know there's a restaurant near by that's also hiring.

Then I'll most likely end up spending my coupons that came in the mail today. I've been so eager to get my free items.

When I get home I'll probably either fall asleep or do the dishes since I haven't done them in a while.

If I end up staying up I'll probably do some coloring, sudoku, or drawing. We'll see...

Kangaroo caaat Kangarooo caaaat~

I noticed if I did low impact things on Wii Fit no one wakes up so I might just stick to those for when my roommates are asleep and I'm bored.

Its down to 34 degrees. Ugh. Hate when it drops like this.

Yesterday I found the cat chewing on my roommates plant. My onions were left alone though since the smell isn't quite liked by the cat as much as a lucky bamboo plant.

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  1. Perfect_10's Avatar
    So funny! I started my day by going to Denny's as well. It was a mad house at 6am and still is at 8:50am. The parking lot was packed and cars were lined up to get into the parking lot. I peaked in the window and it looked like sardines in a can. Obviously, I left. I don't think that a $7 breakfast was worth all of that but I appreciate the effort of Denny's. Hopefully, some homeless and hungry families took advantage of the offer.