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The Mid-Winter Reprieve

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I'm so glad we had a nice warmer weekend with the 50's on Saturday and 40's today. It's suppose to be bitter cold tomorrow and more snow in the forecast. I'm not use to these little reprieves in the middle of winter but a few weeks ago we had a almost 70 degree day before things got nasty again and here we are with another lovely weekend just before winter returns to us. I don't know if these warmer days tossed in are good or not but they sure make me happy! It's great to have day where I can get out and walk and really enjoy it! I know until May gets here that snow and cold can be coming around again. I never dreamed that moving from central Missouri to the extreme Northern Missouri would be so different! But I love it here. I can't imagine living anywhere else now! I'm so very grateful for this beautiful spot that my Father in Heaven has brought me to and blessed me with. As night time falls on this beautiful weekend, I just need to paint a pretty picture in my mind to help me get through the next bit of winter. I so love the summer! I love light and warmth but I guess it will be here before I know it!

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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    We have to have winter so we can appreciate the spring and summer.
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    I think I could fully appreciate Summer without winter but we really need winter to keep all our Missouri bugs in check! I remember a winter that wasn't and oh my not having the freezing over the winter messed up our trees and we had a very huge bumper crop of bugs-- all kinds of them! the experts said it was because the freezing temperatures never came to kill them off! So while I hate the cold I know we need it!