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The life and mind of Tarrien

Cheap foods I don't mind eating often

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You know, after a while most foods get boring. I've noticed a few cheap foods I can practically live on.

1. Ramen Noodles. Yes I buy the cheap 15 cent ones at that (occasionally if I did something awesome or amazing (once every 2 months about*) I'll get a dollar kind but usually all I need to do to the 15 cent ones is boil the noodles, throw them in a frying pan and add the flavoring and they're wonderful and taste so much better than the soupy kind. I also tend to throw a few veggies in like cucumber or carrot.

2. Hot Dogs. Dude, I love hotdogs even if they're horrendously made out of stuff I shouldn't eat. I've found my new favorite thing to do is make them look like octopuses. Hotdogs I don't need buns or condiments for even I like to eat them plain.

3. Mac And Cheese. 75cents a box for a few meals, oh yes. I don't know what my attraction is to this food but its just too wonderful for me to really question. I don't ad anything to this either, but I cut back on the butter, I only add half of what they suggest.

4. Egg in a hole. Considering I only need one egg and one piece of bread for this, its pretty cheap. Its just a great snack for me.

5. Potato. Possibilities are endless here, but things I do enjoy include baked potato, hashbrown, baked potato chips (they end up thicker but still good*) etc... but potatoes are filling and don't need much to help them along in taste other than salt pepper and occasionally sour cream.

Other great foods that are cheap that I eat often include
-grapes (99cents a pound is when I buy*)
-noodles with butter
-green onion (additive I cant eat these alone or raw*)
- peanut butter (I haven't bought any since the summer though

Cheap drinks I get...

1. Tea. Every time I get tea its a gift. So free tea= cheap drink. I have about a half cabinet full.

2. Kool Aid packet rip offs. I found a drink that's 10cents each when Koolaid is about 20cents each. Now I like my drinks tart so sugar isn't added...

3. Tap Water. Yes, Tap water. I'm not scared of whats in my faucet. When I am I'll stop doing dishes and showering.

4. Jello. Yes, I like to drink jello before its gelatinous. And I only make enough for about 2 cups worth so a pack goes a long way.


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  1. incheck4real's Avatar
    I think this is good that you like cheap food. I do too !!! I am tellin ya what there ain't a tater out ther that I don't like !!! I wouldn't feel bad I would be proud. I am proud of myself and my family when we save money !!!
  2. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    I've never heard of drinking jello! My kids got a kick out of that one. I think we might try it just to see. we also eat alot of top ramen but only with the broth. I'm curious about trying it another way. thanks for the post
  3. JoAnn's Avatar
    I Thought I was the only one that drank jello. I like it warm too. How do you drink it warm or cold ???? Taste better then kool-aid lollll.
  4. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    When my kids were little and were sick I fixed jello for them. Even as infants, when they had trouble keeping things down, liquid jello seemed to settle their tummys. . . .Have you ever added a raw scrambled egg to your ramen noodles? It cooks quick and adds that something extra to the noodles. Kind of like Egg Drop soup with noodles. I like it.
  5. Perfect_10's Avatar
    That is so funny--eggs in ramen noodles. Many of the students did this when I was in college. I always thought that it looked very undesirable so I never tried it. I am not that adventurous with food Never looked at it as egg drop soup but now that you mention it.. you are right!