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The life and mind of Tarrien

._. sleeping off

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So I start my days usually around 3:30am. Hang out with my roommates until they go to bed then start doing little chores such as dishes or laundry or clean up an entire room. Its sorta nice to not have anyone watching me or doing stuff while I'm cleaning. Usually after (10am) I go out and get the mail since I'm eager for mail freebies and thank the mailman. Check for job opportunities through craigslist usually but I'll also go out if the temperature allows. Check on the plants. Make some lunch which then promptly I'll do some more dishes. Then take a shower and have some "Appreciative myself time" where I'll watch DVDs, Read, or something like that. Then usually it'll be about 7pm. Around that time I go to bed. I'm still trying to get a normal schedule but its still not quite working out.

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