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The path to wellness

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I went to the doctor Thursday and was told that I had the "Flu". Not a real surprise just reasurring that it wasnt something more, and now I can get meds to clear it up faster. Each time I get sick I end up telling myself that I dont remember ever being that sick, but this time.....this was different. I will remember this!! The fevers, night sweats, body aches, leg cramps....yeah its was something I will remember and I dont wish this to happen to any of one!!!

Well I am on the way back to getting better. Arron and the kids have really taken good care of me this week!! Thnan you all for your well wishess - they mean alot!!!!


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  1. Tarrien's Avatar
    Yikes! Sounds like one vicious flu.

    I'm glad you're feeling better!
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    Glad you went to a doctor wish there was a magic pill or something that would make the flu disappear. Even better to hear that you are feeling better. I know you have been on here but not like normal-missed your posts
  3. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    I'm glad your on the way to recovery. It really stinks to be sick when your a grown up. That fever just wipes you flat out.
  4. faxonfive's Avatar
    Thanks yall!! I have tried to get on...I miss this place when I aint on Yall are my extended family!!!
  5. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Glad to hear you are your way to "NORMAL" again!!! Missed you.
  6. JoAnn's Avatar
    Good to have you getting better, Bet your family is glad too. No matter what is said it's hard in the family when Mom is sick.
  7. incheck4real's Avatar
    Glad you are on the road to recovery !!! Remember to take it easy and don't do too much too fast !!!