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So my roommate has a friend who will stay over for days on end... And I've made this clear to her a million times, I don't like him being around this much. But no, of course she just is like "D; he's my friend accept him" I DO accept him, and I make my best efforts to be nice around him. But to her that's a sign to make him stay an extra 4 days. NO LEAVE! LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE!

I can't stand him. He's annoying and if I try to talk to him he just patronizes me. Like if I say I did something awesome he'll just do a sarcastic "well goody goody for you". Or if I tell him something more in depth he wont know how to respond so he'll say "yeah" "true" until he can catch up which really irritates me to no end. Or when he tries to "help" He'll be all like nice then suddenly turn it into a hurtful comment right at the end. Like "Hey wanna come job hunting with me... I mean are you even looking". He'll steal the couch and my blanket for sleeping since I usually don't sleep for another two hours then gets all pissy when I want my blanket back.

I also hate that when he's around I feel more ignored. My roommate will NOT talk to me when he's over so its really irritating that I get ignored for 5-10 days depending on how long HE wants to stay. I hate it, I just want to scream.

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Updated 02-18-2009 at 02:24 PM by Tarrien

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  1. Niddi's Avatar
    Sounds to me like you have a 3rd roommate who should start paying part of the cost if he's staying over that much. I assume your utility bill is split 3 ways between you and your 2 roommates, so her having him over that much is not fair to you and your other roommate, the two of you should unite and talk to her. It really is not fair to you from the financial aspect much less giving up your freedom in your home. You and your roomies need to set some ground rules for how often someone can "stay over" without chipping in on the expenses. She's taking advantage and will do so as long as you let her.
  2. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    So where do you get to sleep when he takes your couch and blanket? Maybe he uses your blanket because it's handy. Try putting it away - out of sight. If he's your roommates friend, she can let him use her blanket. Maybe she is trying to push you out. Have you considered trying to find other roommates? By the way, does this friend even have his own place to live or does he make the rounds of all his friends "Visiting"?
  3. tsgal's Avatar
    Sounds like he is making his rounds to me. I know a few young people like that. They have ask to stay at my house, and my answer is NO. Maybe he needs a job to find his own place. Or you could start charging him for the days that he stays there. It's only fair, don't you pay for your rent? Then he should help too, if he wants to stay.
  4. faxonfive's Avatar
    Well Tarrien,

    Who pays the rent and bills there?? First of all its a respect thing and unless he is paying his way there he should not be disrespecting you! Sounds to me like he has just made himself at home. I have a bad temper and I would note be putting up with that at all!! I suggest you put your foot down and set a few ground rules there because YOU do pay YOUR way and I dont think your wanting your hard earned money being spent on a "rug" - thats what he sounds like to me!! I hope I didnt offend, I am worried about you!! I will keep you in my prayer Tarrien!!! You can move a mountain