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plans out the window

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We had an intersting day on Friday. My hubby called early from work to talk about some things we hadn't had a chance to talk about the night before since I was at work. He asked me, which he ralrely does, what I had planned for the day. I started to tell him about some of the house work I wanted to get done and some of the errands I planned on running that morning. Little did I know God was listening and chuckling and saying, not so fast my child I have other plans for you today. About 20 minutes later I have 3 of my 4 guys dressed. We carpool with a near by family who picks up my oldest 2 at 8am. Well about 7:55 I hear my 3rd son scream and cry. Now, this child has a tendency for the dramatic when he hurts himself so I didn't immediately run downstairs to see what happened. My oldest calls upstairs "Mom, Jared hit is head on the banister." My response "Ok, Jared are you ok?" My oldest responds "Mom, he hit it on the corner." Now that made me stop what I was doing and run downstairs. Now a bit of background on Jared. Jared does not like to get hurt, not that anyone does, but he responds to injury in such a way that I am sure everyone in Brookfield heard him scream the last time we had to remove a splinter from his hand. Oh my goodness, he was going on and on as though we were removing an arm. I kid you not. Then, when he stopped screaming long enough to see the splinter my husband had removed, he happened to see a drop of blood on his hand and completely lost it. He was running in place, face beet red screaming at the top of his lungs "I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding" So, having that background information you can understand that while I was running downstairs I way praying "please dear God no blood, no blood please." Well, needless to say I came down and there was my precious 5 year old with blood streaming down the side of his face. I quickly picked him up and ran back upstairs to the bathroom. On my way I had to of course trip over my other 3 boys. My second eldest saw Jared and said "oh, look at all that..." I quickly cut him off because at this point Jared did not know he was bleeding. He was just screaming and crying from the hurt of the injury. I got him in the bathroom, sat him on the sink and turned to get our suplies from the closet. In a split second I remembered there is a huge mirror behind my over-dramatic bleeding child and I quickly turn back around. I quickly grab Jared's face as he was in fact starting to turn and look in the mirror and turn it back toward me. I try to get him to focus on something else. My oldest walks in and I start directing him on things to grab for me. Now, he does fine for a moment until he can't find a washcloth. I keep telling him, "no, to your left, your left Josh, over there." FInally I point to it. At that instant my sweet injured, over dramatic Jared sees my hand, pointing to the washclothes, is covered in blood. His blood. Well, that was the end of any calmness I might have had. He LOST it! I finally get the washcloth, get it a bit cleaned up and assess the situation. Yep, we were headed to Urgent Care for sure. If it didn't need stitches, it sure needed Dermabond. I calmly tell him we had to go to the doctor which of course sent him over the edge again. I am trying to get some bandages to put on him when my second child calls from down stairs, "Mom our ride is here." Of course it is I am thinking to myself. Well, to make a long long story a bit shorter, I got my 2 out the door to school, I got my Jared to Urgent Care where he got steri-stripped. I got to go get him a special treat for being so brave, I got to run to my hubby's work and drop off some papers he forgot but you know what?.....I never did get a thing on my own list accomplished.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    I am so sorry to hear that you had one of those days. I am happy to hear that your Jared is alright! Hope that some how you have been able to find a little time to do something for yourself.
  2. d_awalker's Avatar
    I am amazed that you were able to make it out the door at all! Kuddos to you for being able to make it and take care of your son.
  3. incheck4real's Avatar
    When I read about your over dramatic son it made me think of my Gabriel he is the same way !!!! I am glad that all worked out for your little guy !!! Hey what ever ended up happening with your house situation ??