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The life and mind of Tarrien

Activity Award? For me?

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I'm confused, I didn't think of myself as THAT active... But I do have to admit I do spend a significant amount of time on this site whether or not I post something is another story entirely though.

We've Thumb tacked non matching blankets over the windows to save heat in the house, its really really helping. I've actually thrown a blanket on one side of the ferret's cage to help keep her warmer and so she doesn't see me and start banging on her cage for play time >-> I love her but 2 hours a day of running time is enough.

I've also realized I'm horrible with my money and need to keep away from shopping. I went from having 100- 38 dollars in a few days. Partially from paying 15 dollars here and there at grocery stores and a little from paying for restaurants since cooking in this house is like climbing Everest. That and when my roommates cook and leave this HUGE mess, I'm the one who cleans it, I sorta claimed the kitchen as my duty or else it'd be in shambles and have a huge dumpy mess in it like the rest of the house is. X.x That's what I get for being a neat freak.

So right now I'm all giddy about the mail since I got my first freebie yesterday and now I'm just like ">w< FREEBIES??!!!?!! IN THIS MAIL!? WANT WANT WANT ! YAAAAY... oh wait, bill... err... " So I'm hoping today I'll get some other surprise... I don't know I'm thinking of doing the penpal thing again since it's really nice to get stuff if you're not used to it.

Been reading more webcomics today to pass time since I slept most of yesterday due to the cold. And I think later today I'll be in that same position- Budget tool bar says its 29... D:! NO HEATER?! NUUUUU!!! *headdesk* I'm thinking of going out and buying a thanksgiving turkey just to have it cook so we can get some heat in this house.

Edit: Dude, I feel so bad right now for pets with peanut butter treats. Like I'm literally tearing up since I love animals so much. And its like, I don't feel its fair of them to have to suffer if the owner gave the treats to them without knowledge of the risk. I'm half tempted to go to the pet store and look at the peanut butter treats and make sure they're not supposed to be recalled before they're sold... I know it sounds obsessive and almost rude of me but I really don't want pets to suffer due to these recalls ;_;

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Updated 01-28-2009 at 07:04 AM by Tarrien (just wanted to add onto my blog without making a new post)



  1. faxonfive's Avatar
    Yes Tarrien!! You get addicted to this site quick dont yea? Congrats on the award
  2. Liss's Avatar
    Congrats on the Award! They are calculated daily by the experience system based on all members activity for that day.
    We've Thumb tacked non matching blankets over the windows to save heat in the house, its really really helping.
    as for keeping warm, I wanted to point out something that is often overlooked... the heat loss through your electrical outlets. Reach your hand down and feel the electric outlet, you might be surprised at the little "breeze" you feel there. You can get "foam" outlet covers for just a few pennies at lowes, home depot or walmart. Just take of the existing plastic cover, install the foam insulation cover and then replace the plastic. This made a HUGE difference in our home.
  3. JoAnn's Avatar
    Congrats on the Award! you are a very active person here on the site. I always look forward to your posting. You are certainly a part of the group here.
    I've told everyone about your cold spell you are having. Stay warm Friend.
  4. tsgal's Avatar
    Congrat to you Tarrien, sounds like you are more active than you think.
  5. Baggz1971's Avatar
    Yipee! I am jumping in my chair for you. So is my cat Nermal. He wish he could play with your Ferret. What is your Ferret's name btw.